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  1. That is nice looking! I would say Makashi! I want to get my Dooku on SON!! But make a version for JK2 too because....well....yeah it's saber system needs more love.
  2. Ok little update. The 3 maps for the release are nearly done. The second level is completely! I just have to work out a bug on the first level, trying to get a level change trigger to activate in an area after you destroy something. And I'm just finishing things up on the third level. By the way as I get ready for part 2 of the mod which I'm already working on......(I love modding) I'm trying to create a really fun and somewhat experience for players. With lots of side things to check out if you choose to that will effect things as you play through. The idea right now is to release the first part which like I said is sort of a expansive survival mod. Then the second which is a more involved ooohhhh look at this and at that as you run around type of feel to it as you go to different areas. And the third to actually focus on Star wars themed levels. The good thing about that is some of those levels have actually been started on a ways back but never finished so its not a cold start on those maps. Although that's not always a bad thing. But one thing at a time! Just keeping you posted. There is soooo much knowledge clustered in these forums so if anybody has advice pointers or even correction on different things please let me know! I know all of this sounds very ambitious and with endless modders starting big projects that never get finished there may be an understandable...."Ohhh here we go again" type of mindset but I tell you this will get done! That's why I waited until most of this was done in order put it out there.
  3. hay im not complaining. it would good for all.
  4. i have figured most of it out i guess. Its just a lot harder than with Jk3 models and some blending issues persist. but hay so i guess not. But thanks for the help though really apreciate it. I tell you what still vexes me is trying to get model specific animations. Ive followed the tutorial but get a bogus message and a stormtrooper everytime. > That would take this mod to another level. I was going to have a Trandoshan merc portion but i cant have everyone crawling around like lizards!
  5. Here is another video with more to show a lot more! Watch it all the way through and I think you may just be impressed! There are a few tweaks left to make but things are coming along nicely! Leave any thoughts, suggestions etc. (Watch for 0:42) among other spots. http://youtu.be/qjWN6oCj960
  6. Yes this is my mod not counting an awsome efx mod i have in my base folder. Rc effects. And yes the maps are Sp. I would have used Mp but npcs dont load in Jk2 Mp and there are lots of badys in this mod so.... A lot of the early maps were influenced by arkham asylum but i kept having issues whenever i would load the maps in game. SV Brush something or another error. But anyway you'll love the levels.
  7. JK2 Chaos Force Mod Updated FIrst things first thanks to help I got on these fourms! That being said here are 2 previews. The first is newer. http://youtu.be/qjWN6oCj960 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-a1lII0UWcc This mod changes the saber system with new and edited moves and other features in JK2 In it's final release it will have several challenge levels as well. Many of the maps are done or being worked on. These are done in a Survival Mod style with 1 or 2 levels being good old fashioned explore and win style levels. There will be more previews coming soon! ---------------------------------- New levels ------------------------------ The maps work in a sort of Arkham Asylum like style where areas are connected and can be revisited Mainly for items and powers you may want to collect. These levels are NOT easy! Sense at this point most people playing JK2 are fairly decent at the game there is no point in making things too easy. NEW SABER SYSTEM FAST Small tweaks that allow for more dynamic saber battles while using this style The least edited of the new styles. MEDIUM Quicker and now allows for quick back and forth exchanges instead of slow hit and retreat battles. Strong A defensive style that if mastered can put up such a blinding wheel of defense that it becomes almost untouchable. Even still it is not without offensive power! If used right you can also chain together a near limitless amount of attacks! Strong 2 The power house of the new saber system so far! Lots of flashy but VERY effective moves! Instant attacks that allow for quick in and out saber attacks. It is good against any style and is a good choice for enemies that use the strong style number 1 due to its instant penetrating nature. Fast 2 ----------------- UPDATED ----------------- A very unique style that functions in a very staff like style. Slightly defensive but mainly focusing on quick in and out strikes with a long reach and properly timed acrobatics. Update New level pics added Control Lobby Storage Area SOTE Freighter (Bonus level) Heavy Containment Those of you who are fellow Starwars gameing vets will recognize one of those pics ----------------------------------------------------- PROGRESS THUS FAR Progress of saber systrem-------85% Progress of New General Moves-------75% Progress of New Levels-------73% ----------------------------- V1 MAP LIST ----------------- Revised ----------------- Control lobby Heavy Containment Office Area Storage Observation Battle---------(Dooku anyone!)
  8. Good news! I have manged to get the new glas to merge with the original JKO gla. As you said making sure DRAGON used a model right from JKO and not using the JKO model DRAGON provides was the main thing. They show up in modview with the proper bone tags and such so it seems THAT PART is possible. The only issue I still have is it is VERY VERY diffucult to animate because the model deforms when you move the model around. But this is progress. I wonder if after KATANAMARU looks things over if maybe a tutorial should be made? Anywho so far so good!
  9. Wow! Thanks! I promise if you can get something figured out it will be well worth your time.
  10. http://www.xfire.com/video/263c59 Here is the link. This is what I get when I try to direct dragon to the JO model and GLA file Everything is wonky..... This is an example of some of the changes I have made to the cfg files. Original first and edited second. Don't know if that helps at all.
  11. Yeah the funny thing is I've actually tried that. I even went through the cfg files and did some redirecting as to what parameters the program would use The result was dragon would load but certain bones would stretch all over the screen..?? The thing is Apperently it canbe done. or at least there is a video claiming it can with results that suggest as much. But I have had no success contacting the videos author. But hay ether way I apreciate the help! I love modding these games! And have some really big things in the works! I,ll try your suggestion again and see what happens. Maybe I goofed last time.
  12. Hello all. Long time modded here though by a different name these days. I have a question that only the collective wisdom of the jkhub can answer. (Yes I lurk) I have been animating in dragon for some time in jk3. But I have been modding jk2 lately And have run into compiling issues when I try to merge the animations with the jk2 base gla file. There is an error regarding different skeletons not being able to merge or what not. Any help would be great! Thanks guys!
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