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Script Not Saving But Still Loads in Behaved

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I modified an existing script I had made a few years ago. It compiles fine but does not appear in my "script" folder after saving. I got the initial script file from this location, and, saved the new script to this location. It didn't load in game and I received no errors when triggered. NPC just spawned. Now, It does exist in this location if I search through behaved to load the script. Gives me the .ibi and .txt file. But, if I go through Windows explorer or my shortcut to the folder, it does not appear in the folder.


Anyone have an ideas?


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Do you have Windows 10? It caused a lot of problems for my brother when he tried to do scripting because it apparently didn't allow the folder to be modified without permission.

I have 10 pro 64bit but that should pop up when i go to save the file. If its not hidden maybe something in my preferences in regards to the directories are messed up.

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