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Can mental patient(psycho) use the Force? How? Why?

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I know big example is Kazdan Paratus because he became mental patient and began to build toys(...)

But although he has become insanity, he could use the Force power.  How can this possibly happen?


In Eastern world of the Earth, there is Ki(氣) philosophy in China, Korea, Japan and any other eastern Asia.

The mental status is directly linked to the flow of Ki, so when Ki user's mental status becomes bad, they can't maintain balance of flow.

So they turn into bad status called Zhù huò rùmó(注祸入魔).  This causes explosion of Ki flow. And Ki users earn headache and dizziness, and eventually they earn bad disease.


Therfore I think the Force is different from the Ki, because mental patient could use the Force well.

No... Paratus used it more effectively when he was normal status.


If the Force were the same as the Ki, Paratus would have become likely non-force-sensitive or worse.

But it's not...  Why? 

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I would think that the force, as George Lucas intended, isna lot like Ki. The force is a source of energy that's in all living things and it works best when it's at balance.


I don't know about legends, but in canon, when Darth Maul when into a crazy frenzy after losing his legs, he didn't seem to be able to use the force as good as he could when he got back into mental balance

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I can see Lo Wang (the character from Shadow Warrior, most preferably the reboot), instead of Ki, use the force...


It seems that the special abilities of this game is depended on the sword(Katana). More precisely, the materials for upgrading is the key.

And the system of shadow warrior is somewhat similar to JKA series.  Perhaps they copied a JKA system to this?


Anyway... I don't think this game series contains the Force.  Maybe the special abilities exist but it is not the Force.

I think the Force is different from magic, Ki, Chakra, and any other energy... but it's just my thinking..

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Years ago, there was an article about the Clone Wars, which I once mentioned here on the forums, which said, that the cloning process was with drawbacks, Every clone would go insane one day. The old concept of TCW suggested, that the Cloners were the enemies of the Jedi and the Republic, and that some used the technology to clone the Jedi. These would turn to the Dark Side upon becoming insane.


But all this was before Episode II was released, which cleared the whole case with Clones.


The only other closest concept could be Jorak Uln, a Sith master, former headmaster of the Academy on Korriban, which was considered to be crazy, spending too much time in the tombs of Korriban after his exile (KOTOR).


And don't forget about Kazdan Paratus, a Jedi Master, who was driven insane after Order 66, who lived on Raxus (The Force Unleashed).

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