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A build that removes the NPC cap?


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This should do the trick. 



A more proper explanation and fix available in this old thread:


For multiplayer you can increase the limit by increasing the following line in "codemp\game\NPC_stats.c":

#define MAX_NPC_DATA_SIZE 0x40000

For example doubling it to 0x80000.

And recompile the game.


For singleplayer it's the same thing, but in the "code\game\NPC_stats.cpp" file instead.

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Somehow... this issue has returned. Basically because my weirdly specific build of OpenJK was messed up. See I was trying to reapply it without the settings from another mod, and I encountered an issue. Now when I try to reapply that build it doesn't work, unless that mod is on. I don't really know how to fix this, but I want the mod gone, and my NPC file cap to remain where it is.



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