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This mod has definitely halted development recently, but I've been needing to contribute to my game audio portfolio and this is potentially a good way to do that. My plans for audio related work in this mod was mostly related to re-working the Jaden and Rosh characters completely, so the former isn't as stiff and boring and the latter isn't as annoying and cringe-inducing. I think there could be other things done to the game, but I'm curious what some of you people think.


When you think of the audio of Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy, what do you immediately wish was better? (voice acting, weapons, environment, etc.)


For what I'm able to do is mostly the audio capture, editing, and mixing. If there's any coding involved I'm not sure I'd be able to implement anything like that without help from those more knowledgeable about that.


Let me know your thoughts.

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Environment sounds, definitely. But what I mean may be related to bad map design and not the sound effect itself. Still, environmental and interaction effects could be much better.

Is there a sound or map I particular that comes to mind?

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@@Circa What exactly is going on? I know eezstreet is busy with other matters but what about redsaurus?


I would assume also busy with other matters as well? I don't really know. All of our development on this mod is shown in this forum, so you know just as much as I do. :P

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Is there a sound or map I particular that comes to mind?


I would start with the sounds of jumping, footsteps, falling, getting hurt, etc. They all sound so "soundboardish" right now. Also, the pickup sounds. They worked for games like Quake 3 or Unreal Tournament, but for Jedi Knight, they should sound like actually picking up something instead of just being a sound cue that just walked over an object. Having inventory sound would be nice too. When you change your active inventory object, a sound like when you equip a new item on games like DayZ or any RPG would fit perfectly. Everybody focuses almost exclusively on graphics, but I'm a strong advocate that level design (no matter how basic the graphics look) and sound design can improve the ambience and immersion more than top of the game graphics.

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