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Forum reorganization (opinions needed)

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Since the Enhanced Development Platform is now going to be a major part of the project, I am thinking about doing some housekeeping on these forums and making it a lot easier for people to understand.


Here are some of the changes which I am proposing:

  • Condense JK:E Weapons, Player Models, Coding and Missions sections into one forum section: JK:E Content Development which is for discussion of all development stuff
  • Move News to the top

On top of that, I am thinking of making a new Mod Projects forum or a new forum that's part of this mod projects area, for modders to discuss the Enhanced Development Platform and to ask questions/get help, etc etc etc


@@Circa @@redsaurus

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Fine with me. Not much is being worked on as far as content goes anyway, so condensing things is fine.


Just make a section in this JKE forum about the EDP. No need to make a whole separate mod project forum for that.

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