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Let's establish some standards, tutorials, etc.

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Let's talk about the standards of the weapons that will be in JK:Enhanced, and what needs to be done to bring a new weapon into the game.

There are two distinct differences between a JK:Enhanced/DF2 weapon and a base JKA weapon:

  • The first person model in JK:Enhanced uses a GHOUL2 viewmodel, similar to the playermodel. It has a lot of extra cool animations that are going to be added, and there are also some new features that can be added (surfaces can be turned on/off, new skins can be added, things can be bolted onto the model, etc)
  • JK:Enhanced will include the rend2 renderer built in, and of course, this means that a .mtr shader will have to be included as well as the original game's .shader. We utilize the metal workflow of PBR, short for Physically Based Rendering, a set of modern rendering techniques that incorporates the real properties of light, materials, etc.

So to start out with, I think we should first describe all of the weapons which are present in JK:Enhanced, or will be present at some point. There may be more, but here are the core ones which will definitely exist:

  • Stun Baton (Model in progress by @@Seven)
  • Bryar Blaster Pistol (We can use @@AshuraDX's model)
  • E-11 Blaster Rifle (We can update any number of existing models to fit in PBR, or make a new one)
  • Tenloss DXR-6 Disruptor Rifle (Model in progress by @@Silverfang)
  • Wookiee Bowcaster (No updated model exists)
  • Imperial Heavy Repeater (Model of it by @DT85 exists, just need to update it)
  • DEMP2 (No updated model exists)
  • Golan Arms FC-1 Flechette Weapon (A model of it was in progress by Reven, but possibly lost (?))
  • Merr-Sonn PLX-2 Portable Missile System (No updated model exists, to my knowledge)
  • Thermal Detonators (There is an older model in Ultimate Weapons and one in JKG, but I believe @DT85 is working on one)
  • Trip Mines (There is a model in JKG, but it doesn't match the original game enough to suit my tastes)
  • Detonation Packs (No updated model exists)
  • Hands (There is currently no updated hands model, which will need to be visible for animations etc)
  • Lightsaber (@Rooxon has a model, not sure if it has PBR or not)

Now let's talk about some of the animations that will be present. The ones I've marked with an asterisk will probably not need to be present on the Stun Baton, since there are no force powers. Anything I've marked with a double asterisk is something that may or may not be used, or open to discussion

  • Base/Normal
  • Idle animations?
  • First time equip (a special animation that plays when you equip the weapon for the first time)
  • Fire
  • Alternate Fire
  • Equip
  • Unequip
  • Force push*
  • Force pull*
  • Mind trick*
  • Low ready state (for when you are too close to a wall, fallen down, or using Force Heal)
  • Transition to low ready
  • Transition away from low ready
  • Force Lightning, quick*
  • Force Lightning, start*
  • Force Lightning, hold*
  • Force Lightning, stop*
  • Force Grip, quick*
  • Force Grip, start*
  • Force Grip, hold*
  • Force Grip, stop*
  • Callout, pointing (it's a new system in the JK2 portion that I coded, where you can "point out" enemies to get the friendly AI to focus on them)
  • Use non-bacta item (a "toss" animation for throwing down a sentry gun or seeker)
  • Push/use button start**
  • Push/use button hold**
  • Push/use button stop**
  • Reload weapon**
  • Sprint start**
  • Sprint loop**
  • Sprint end**
  • Melee bash attack**
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