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Make NPCs use force speed the same way they use force rage.

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Mmm, if i remember fine, if you play on difficult spgskill > of 0 (1, 2, 3) if you use the force speed, the sith react boost theyself with force speed


i think you can chack the AI_jedi.cpp code related to the using of Force Rage by NPC. maybe you can make the same thing with force speed.

time ago i programmed a force power like force repulse that cast also on caster of the shockwave an automatical force speed acceleration.

but i simply called during the executing of the force power, the force speed power function in  void wp_forcepowerrun  on wp_saber.cpp

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Getting AI Jedi to activate Force Speed independently shouldn't be too difficult... that is, if it's possible. I haven't explicitly checked, but Raven might not have programmed what an NPC using Force Speed independently would look like. I can rummage through the code later and see what I find.

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