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undying mode in MP

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Hey, it's actually a topic about something else other than dismemberment like the previous 4 topics I've made, and someday I'll actually post topics about important problems rather than silly little things, but anyway back to the real "problem": I've seen things in the MP code relating to the undying cheat that was never usable I guess because raven never made a console cheat code for it, which I've fixed. The cheat actually does work now except I'm trying to find a way to make it to where you have 999 health points when you activate it like in SP mode. I tried to do it the same way as I saw it in the SP code but errors came up during compilation. How can this be done in the MP code since it's has a different code language than SP?


Oh yeah, this was made right before I saw the "Please Read Before Posting" post that eezstreet made, so I have no idea if this is against those standards or not.

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You should be explaining your errors not just telling us there are errors during compilation.  How would we know what errors you are experiencing?  Sounds like you just copy pasted the SP code without changing the necessary gi functions to the trap equivalents.  Also ent->max_health doesn't exist.  Not really related to the language being used as the code you're looking at in SP for this is still C compatible despite being .cpp file.


From the looks of it, the code is not broken.  The functionality was implemented simply for NPCs/ICARUS it seems.  And because the command didn't exist in Quake3 they didn't add it to the MP SDK or pay much attention because its a cheat after all.


And yes, it should be moved most likely.  This isn't a topic about OpenJK.

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Yeah that was the error I saw as you stated. It was something about ent->max_health being not being defined, which is why it can't be fixed. Sorry if I committed any offense, I'll do better next time.


BTW, it seems that I never knew there were different forums on this sight until just recently, so all this time I've been posting things in the OpenJK forum when they really should've been in another forum like the coding and scripts forum. I'm new to this sight, so I thought that the OpenJK forum was the only place I could post things like this.

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