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Is JK Galaxies kind of like the star wars galaxies mmo in a way?

I moved your question to a more relevant thread since the patch notes announcement is not really the best place for it.  To answer your question, yes and no.  Originally the mod started back as wanting to essentially remake SWG in Jedi Academy.  Eventually we wizened up and realized this was sort of stupid, and we wanted to make our own game, additionally we realized we would have to create things in smaller steps - hence introducing the idea of releasing the game in smaller parts which we refer to as "Phases".  We still like the idea of the game eventually having an MMO-like feel to it, but this is a super far off goal that may or may not be attainable.  In the meantime this is the plan:



  • Phase 1: Multiplayer arena shooter with some of the RPG features integrated into the main game. These include: the shop system, gun combat, inventory system, basic crafting, and lightsaber combat. This version has been released, although not all of the features are there yet.  The main features still missing are force/skill powers and lightsaber combat, most other systems have been completed or are in the process of getting refined/rebalanced.
  • Phase 2: CO-OP shooter. The main features that are added here include the NPC system and fleshing out of the dialogue system. They also include overhauls to the chat systems and more.
  • Phase 3: Open World RPG, singleplayer. The main features added here include quests, (more) minigames, and AI for existing minigames, like Pazaak. Also includes levelling up, experience, etc. I still need to design a lot of the systems here. But this will be the largest step, as I need to consider how to handle large open maps.
  • Phase 4: MMORPG. Features to the main game include group quests, Looking For Group system, and a lot of the dungeons that were designed for Phase 2 brought back. At this point, the game is pretty much done.
  • ???: Expansions. I'd love to add some new expansions, including ones that do space combat and exploring new worlds, like Bespin.

Jedi Knight Galaxies will take place in the tumultuous period between Episodes 3 and 4, and will form a bridge between the old Star Wars Expanded Universe and the new Disney canon. The Empire rules the galaxy with an iron fist, and the Jedi live in secret. A new rebellion is beginning to emerge, and as a citizen of the Empire, you may choose to fight for your Empire, join the rebellion, get rich, or eke out a humble existence of your own.

  You can also find info about technical details on our github page.  Overall Phase 1 is pretty fun to play, but definitely not very close to our finished vision.
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