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MAX_PATCH_PLANES Error on Map Loading


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I have had this error before on several maps on my laptop. I havent had them since. From what I gathered back when I was having it there really is no way around it. Someone said it was somthing to do with brushes on a map but that was when they were having an error mapping, not just trying to load a map. Its possible it may just be a problem with your video card, as I think that is what my issue was (I had really old legacy cards, required a custom dll just to run jka) havent had the errors at all on my current pc.... When I asked about it I didnt really get to much help from it, so good luck. My old topic is here, maybe it can help you out where it failed to do so for me. - http://jkhub.org/topic/3848-error-max-patch-planes/

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I think is caused by the patches of the map. if they are too large (more big of some amount of map units) they give this error. :\ the unique way to fix is to edit the map structure and editing the incriminating patches make it more smallest. but this can change geometry. also, decompile a map is not a good idea because you lost all uvmapping of the texture and all light entities. :\

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