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jaMME 1.9 released


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It took over a year but it was worth to wait the new jaMME release:

Windows version:
Mac version:

- fixed rarely drawn drain/lightning effects
- fixed incorrectly placed W/L header in FFA/DUEL scoreboard
- reduced minimal distance between camera and score plum where score plum could be drawn
- fixed not interrupting death sound after respawn
- added new option for rain to not draw rain behind camera to optimize performance
- fixed chatbox spam in rewinding
- fixed dispearing weapon in first person if demo was rewinded in pull/push moment
- made an opportunity to play the game with jaMME (the engine replacement for jamp)
- added an option to automatically load a converted demo with next gamestate from an original demo that contains several gamestates when first converted one reaches its end like in default demo player
- added linux support (by teh)
- fixed never fading shadow in text
- fixed inability to capture with more than 1000 fps on the engine side
- added base_enhanced mod detection that fixes wrong rewards drawing bug
- fixed huge memory leak in non-dof/non-stereo demo capture
- fixed capturing new video into old one if the new one has got changed name
- fixed sometimes choppy animation in slow frame update
- fixed crash when looping sound is too short
- added an opportunity to adjust distance when the regular doppler effect starts (s_dopplerFactor)
- fixed custom background music interruption if the game called its own music from demo
- fixed lowering volume or disappearing chat beep sound if client has fallen into a pit (falling to death)
- fixed a condition to skip roll event if the event - made by non-predicted clients too but who switched current POV to
- added smooth interpolation for more objects
- added an option to automatically quit the game after finishing demo playback with (mme_demoAutoQuit 2)
- fixed incorrectly displaying 2d screen tints after play demo backward and/or when switching POV between players
- added ratio fix to more 2d objects
- fixed drawing zoom mask of binocular when POV is on non-predicted client
- fixed crash on reading/parsing wrong written shader files
- fixed different yaw/pitch speed in ui on non-4:3 screens
- added Ogg Vorbis and FLAC audio formats support
- added mac support (by redsaurus)
- added autorecording demos (cl_autoDemo, cl_autoDemoFormat, saveDemo, saveDemoLast)
- added missing filter mask for flags
- made wallhack use bit-filed values for predicted client, non-predicted clients, items, missiles and flags
- fixed jittering mover objects in non-demo playback
- fixed not loading new client infos if round start was skipped
- fixed player anim blend not working on first frame (by teh)
- implemented command time based smoothing - everything is very smooth in the game (by teh)
[linux] added async i/o support for saving avis (by teh)
- fixed never disappearing limbs after rewinding w/ dismemberment enabled
- fixed never resetting zoom mode that could cause a wrong behavior on disruptor events
- made the possibility to load mme mod from any mod folder that starts with "mme"
- draw ping on lagometer
- improved wallhack to draw the hacked objects with correct depth
- fixed wrong flash point position of disruptor ray
- fixed inability to play any sound/music after calling "snd_restart" command
- fixed MAX_PATCH_PLANES error on same maps (from openjk)
- fixed a possibility to reach the end of returnable function w/o a return
- added Android support in jaMME
- [android] added server list autorefresh on opening the server list
- added sound muting (mute)
- added timestampts in the console
- fixed lagging movements in custom mme mods
- fixed using a wrong cvar (s_volumeVoice) to change volume of ambient sounds
- added speedometer (by the) (cg_drawSpeed)
- made clientOverride feature work in a regular game
- made doppler sounds more hearable since JA has higher world scale than Q3A
- [linux|mac] support cyrrilic and eastern european characters in text input (from openjk)
- draw spectated players next to spectators (team game modes only)
- display the connected/total players info in the scoreboard (team game modes only)
- added in-game demo cutter (cut, demoCut)
- added an opportunity to have absorb, protect and rage shaders visible in first person view on weapons
- added enhanced statistics displaying either in the end or via a command "sm_stats" (emulating smod enhanced statistics)
- added drawing demo playback progress
- added find airkill to seek for kills in the air by anything but splash damage and selfkills
- fixed find direct that missed disruptor shots seeking
- added motion blur strength (mme_blurStrength)
- saber trail can be now always drawn (cg_saberTrail 4)
- added ratiofix for binocular and disruptor if left or right scope mask fillers provided
- fixed impressive reward counting implementation
- fixed never displaying server list if the master server does not respond: checking all provided master servers
- added maps autodownload support with cURL (g_dlURL, cl_dlURL)
- added Jedi Academy v1.00 demos support

New cvars: 
- cl_autoDemo
- cl_autoDemoFormat
- cl_dlURL
- con_timestamps
- cg_commandSmooth
- cg_drawSpeed
- mme_blurStrength
New commands:
- saveDemo
- saveDemoLast
- find airkill
- cut
- demoCut
- mute
As always the information about all cvars and commands can be found in cvars.txt and cmds.txt files that are placed in mme folder.
The new version has so many new features, but let’s start with the global ones.
1. jaMME now runs on 4 different OS: Windows, Mac, Linux and Android.
For the Mac support I would like to thank @redsaurus.
The Linux support was added by @{JAWA}teh_1337, and I thank him for that as well.
The Android support was added by me, but I used some important codes from the Beloko Games version (JA SP for Android) such as the gl-es renderer and Android OS<->game code interaction.
Mac and Linux versions work exactly the same as Windows, but the Android one is different and brings the different goal of the usage. To find out how to use the Android version read the new tutorial: http://jkhub.org/topic/6208-8-how-to-use-jamme-on-android/
2. Another global feature is that you can play the game now using jaMME engine. Using jaMME engine you get the following advantages:
- enhanced autorecording demos (read below)
- maps autodownload support with more than default 25 KB/sec speed using either server-side cvar g_dlURL or client-side one cl_dlURL
- MP3 sounds are not limited by channels, rate and bitness
- Ogg Vorbis and FLAC audio formats support so you can mod your game not only with MP3 or WAV
- sound doppler effect from Q3 when rockets slip closely to you
- opportunity to mute and unmute audio with mute command
3. Enhanced autorecording demos. That feature brings the following logic.
Demos start recording each new match and never get saved unless you wished to save. It helps to avoid disk space taking with unnecessary demos.
Two last demos get always saved though: the one from the previous match and the one that is currently recording. It’s needed to handle a situation when you forgot or had no chance to save the last recorded demo. To save it from the game use saveDemoLast [optionalName] command.
To save the currently recording demo use saveDemo command that will append a timestamp of the game time to the demo name. It’s useful to seek in the demo afterward. So the main idea is to hit saveDemo if you faced something worth to be saved in the game. You can repeat it several times in the same match to save more timestamps.
WARNING: if you are using some client mods that have their own autorecording demos then I highly recommend to disable it on their side and leave only jaMME one.
For more information with examples I recommend to check cvars.txt and cmds.txt in the mme folder. Seek for: cl_autoDemo, cl_autoDemoFormat, saveDemo and saveDemoLast.
Extra: use cl_drawRecording 2 for the new recording notifier REC in the left bottom corner.
4. One more global thing is the memory leak fix that was in version 1.6 and the game could crash if you were capturing rather long video, so probably only few people faced it, I guess. But it did not happen if DOF or stereo separation capture was used.
5. In-game demo cutter. Self-explaining feature. While you are playing demos back using the enhanced mme demo player you are able to cut them with the range that you select. To select the cutting range just hit [ and ] for start and end respectively. And then hit / to cut the demo. The new demo will appear with “_cut” postfix in the name.
The feature is very useful to save the disk space and to leave only useful parts of demos so you won’t need to seek in them anymore.
6. jaMME now supports demos from Jedi Academy version 1.00 (dm_25 files). It was actually weird that it wasn’t implemented before because games actually don’t have big differences. So I(ent) only made dm_25 files get listed in the demo browser and teh disabled error occurring if game versions don’t match.
7. jaMME now displays the demo playback progress as a little red line in bottom of the screen: https://jkhub.org/images/OLwLP6J.jpg [iMAGE]
It’s only visible if editing is enabled, so if you are capturing or hit 5 then it’s hidden together with the rest demo HUD.
8. Another jaMME contributor @{JAWA}teh_1337 implemented a cool feature that makes everything in the game very smooth – command time based smoothing. If your demo has laggy players including youself due to missing packets etc then now all players will move smoothly.
Compare how laggy I was and how smooth I have become:
9. find command now has airkill subcommand that makes the feature seek until a kill happens in the air.
10. For the team game modes I made the enhanced scoreboard. Actually it was in jaMME since the beginning but worked in CTF only.
It shows all the players including spectators and shows what players spectators are spectating.
It also shows how many players are connected to the server including private ones.
11. Another feature that I’d like to mention is the motion blur strength adjustment. It’s controlled by a new cvar mme_blurStrength and affects shutter speed. Look at the images on Wikipedia.
Experiment with different values. I personally already don’t remember what values do what, but 10 equals to gaussian blur type, probably <10 makes things sharper, >10 – blurry, or visa-versa.
12. If you wish to have a fixed ratio in widescreens for the disruptor scope then you have to provide custom shaders that will fill left and right parts of the screen because compressed scope image will leave those parts empty and the screen will have empty fields on left and right.
To have that fix use either one of two or both shaders: zoomLeft and zoomRight.
For example, if your shader is
		map *white
		rgbgen const ( 0 0 0 )

then the cropped left and right parts will be filled with solid black rectangles and the result will look like:





jaMME also got a lot of fixes and additions that I did not mention here because they are not that major, but the full changes could be found on https://github.com/entdark/jaMME/commits/master.
IMPORTANT For MBII users: MBII won’t distribute jaMME anymore since it can make things outdated plus it does not make jaMME independent. So if you wish to use jaMME with MBII then just download jaMME separately – it will work fine.
To use jaMME with MBII, copy your cgamex86.dll to mmeMBII folder from MBII folder, copy uix86.dll to mmeMBII folder from mme folder. Then hit start_jaMME_MBII.cmd and enjoy the mod.
The MBII launcher will probably do that automatically in the future.
I think that’s all.
Feed us with sweet movies now.
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