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i have a little trouble with open jk solution.

because i recently formatted PC, into re installation of windows, windows renamed as "F" the "G" partition unity.

on G i had the Jacode solution of openjk.

now i have reinstalled visual studio 2010 i tryied to rebuild the solution for see if all works.


i get this error:


"warning : The referenced project 'G:/JACODE/OpenJK-master/build/ZERO_CHECK.vcxproj' does not exist.


and so, not build nothing. i know why: because the solustion and visual studio are searching into the G/Path tthis file.... but now the solution is into the F.

i cannot rename the F unit because i get some trouble with the secondary OS installed on my pc.

so i got 2 solution.

1 - can i rename a partition of my HD into G: and put it all solution.

2 - can i edit the solustion setting about the path for searching the ZERO_CHECK.vcxproj.

because i want not make for now solution number 1... because renaming a partition is little danger for my computer,  i ask you about the second option: i can i set for the solution a different build\source path for bypass this error?

i GOT the file ZERO_CHECK.vcxproj, simply is into the wrong path.

at moment i haven't any partition of computer named as G: , so i cannot simply copy \ paste the solution in this partition for make a build.

how can i solve that? o.o


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CMake Error: The current CMakeCache.txt directory F:/JACODE/OpenJK-master/CMakeCache.txt is different than the directory g:/JACODE/OpenJK-master/build where CMakeCache.txt was created. This may result in binaries being created in the wrong place. If you are not sure, reedit the CMakeCache.txt


Maybe i need to reset some pathes of cmakecache.txt of the solution? :\

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I would delete your build folder, then re-run CMake.


reinstalled cmake,

deleted all cmake file and build by my project

run cmake.

configured and generated the cmake libraries.

generated the solution with the batch file of VC2010.

now is building. :)

thanks, razor. :)

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Mmm the graphic is really much better... 

but i am perplex about two thing that happened me today and i have this question for Openjk coders.


- after i reinstalled JA game, i put my backuped exe and dll of my code mod and they got me a startup error about need of Vc libreries.

after i installed VC2010, the mod started fine. so, it's NECESSARY to have installed Visual studio on a pc for run the code mod of open jk? D: this can be problematic if a day i want to share my mod with some other.

- after the reinstallation, at begin i watch a terrible shader issue of my mod: ALL the shaders that use tcgen enviroment become transparent, and model too, into the engine.

but after i make the newbuild with the fixed path code and i replaced my old exe and dll of the code, shaders are fixed. o.o

that is... worrying... D:






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