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Again ... Misc_model limits.

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Ok to begin with I convertet for Spc_chaos_1 Left4dead model of airport car ( http://jkhub.org/topic/5483-help-me/ ) and i thought - over 3000 verts for misc_model is kinda diffrent than 1000 and it is immposible to work. I know that some models in JKA itslef have over 1000 verts. BUT HOW THE HELL?!?! The model from new generation of gaming ( ok now we have UE4 but valve made the Left4dead not long ago) works fine in the older game???? What is the limit of Misc_model ( Misc_model_static doesnt work with this... the limit for it is our symbolic number 1000 verts) how the hell it works?!? Is there a

random limit or limit in the map compiler? I was so confused about it ( today i will convert model above 5000 verts and check it would work) sry for big text

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 @@Langerd is right, Xyca. It's only the misc_model_static entity with the cap limit of 1000 vertexes for Mesh. (not for surface but for Tmesh, the limit is for 3D polygon)

i have the proof in my cathedral. the misc_model works fine also if they bypass the 1000 vertexes liimit of mesh (my cathedral works in map with misc_models cdome entitties. and the roofs got more of 1000 vertexes. )

domes work fine into game, but can give the error MAX_DRAW_VERTS in radiant.

hte misc_model_static bypass this error of radiant, but if i build  a map, when i load into game i got the error of 1000 vertexes indexes hit.

so... the explanation is:

misc_model: there is an unknown limit of vertexes that can be drawn into a map by the brushes, the colliders and the misc_model.  entitties. it's only a limit of radiant, is not present into the game.

misc_model_static_ overpass the error of max_draw_vertexes for the map, but if a mesh got more of 1000 verrtexes is not processed by game, and show you the erorr of 1000 vertexes.

for these reason is good thing detach in more part with less of 1000 vertexes the model, there is no limit to number of mesh that make a model. you need siplu to split the massive vertexes mesh into more little meshes with less of 1000 vertex each one. ;)

So there are 2 limits. one is of radiant about misc_model

the second is of game, about the misc_model_Static entity. >,> and this suck because with a very massive meshes of MD3 model you can got trouble in radiant with misc_model and in game with misc_model_static.

i need to split in mor eparts the HD roof of my domes for that issue >_> on blender 264 and re-export as MD3, so i can use they as misc_model_static when the max_draw_verttexes error is displayed.

Remember langerd, misc_model_static cannot be interactive model. if you want an interactive model, use misc_model.

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