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Kill me pls


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I would say you probably have an older version of Openjk which doesn't automatically try to load jagamex86.DLL from the Openjk mod folder for SP.


And since the mod in question doesn't provide one being it was made pre-source release it won't load without one. The one in GameData hasn't been compatible with Openjk since the beginning of the project.


Simplest options would be to copy jagamex86.dll to base and the mod folder.


Or update to the newest test build from http://builds.openjk.org

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In SP you can always do helpUsObi 1 at any time unlike Multiplayer.


Also, with OpenJK SP until it is actually released you should keep your jagamex86.dll files consistently the same as what is in the build file.  Just in case the API changes before final as it has a few times over the last few years mainly for bugfixes.

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