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Aspect Ratio: Widescreen vs Not


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Has OpenJK done something about the fact that in JK, using a widescreen resolution crops vertical FOV instead of expanding horizontal FOV, giving people on 4:3 an advantage? I cannot check right now (all the ideas always come when I'm at work, I can't be bothered to think during my freetime) but I assume not. Is something going to be done? Would it work with mods like MB2?


Widescreen is especially bad for cutscenes.

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How do you make it fair? Leave it as it is and 4:3 has the advantage. Fix it, and then widescreen has the advantage.

The idea is not to make it fair, but not to make it unfair for modern monitors.


There is cg_fovAspectAdjust cvar for that. And I've added it in MB2 v1.2 that is incoming soon.

I will try that when I get the chance, thanks. Is it OpenJK-exclusive?

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