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OpenRP vs2012 errors

Guest Tunk350

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By looking at the code it loosk like you have to a missing code in after the != ET_NPC && ) try remove the && and try compile there after

about the ADMIN_ITEM i don't know anything about but i looks like it not has been define anywhere in there

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Some of the code currently on Github is incomplete code I uploaded. You can try the last commit before the current one: https://github.com/Fighter1/OpenRP/archive/2bd3293efdb5f0ffbe2cac6a224590ce5b7911d2.zip , though it looks like you've managed to remove most of the incomplete code.


As for that one line, try replacing ADMIN_ITEM with ADMIN_GUNITEM




Just updated the Github code. I've commented out the incomplete code for now/fixed the error.

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