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FPS Issue


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I'm still not convinced that setting the process affinity to a single core adds any benefit. It's probably better to let the OS handle which cores to use. The game might not be multithreaded, but all drivers/DLLs which the game references also run under the same process and are affected by the process affinity. We don't know if those need multiple threads or not (e.g. the graphics driver, sound driver, etc). It's probably something worth investigating further on a wider range of hardware setups.

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Ok I figured out what the issue was (for me anyways...). It seems that some option that's applied with Ja++'s renderer menu completely kills the FPS and whatnot. I started the game with defaults and the latest Openjk, but not Ja++, then I put the menu settings as high as they could go, and entered a custom resolution in the console and restarted, no issue. I then started up the game with Ja++ and maxed out the settings in the renderer menu there, and when those settings were applied, the game ran terrible again.


So after deleting the Openjk.cfg (defaulting the game basically) again I just set up the video settings with only Openjk running, then when loading up Ja++ I didn't touch anything related to the renderer menu, and everything works perfectly fine now, lol.

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That seems unlikely. Something that's set there isn't working right with the most recent Openjk or something (previous versions ran fine), or maybe a driver issue? Who knows...


It's probably not Ja++ anyways, I'd imagine if you were to set one of these graphics settings manually to a higher value (that the default menus don't touch) just running Openjk it'd run bad too. This machine isn't the most powerful ever, but it's strong enough to run something like Skyrim with 30 gbs of graphics mods/enb and whatnot at 30-60+ fps lol.


EDIT: Okay, found what it was. If r_depthbits is set to 32 (normally it's 24 I think if you max the game with default menus) kills it. Setting it back to 24 and it's fine. I honestly have no idea what this means, I'm sure somebody else can explain it, lol. Also r_stencilbits set to 32 kills volumetric shadows, 24 or lower and they're fine (old Openjk 32 if I recall was fine). Ja++ probably just needs it's menus updated to not allow bad values with latest Openjk or something lol. Or maybe there's some driver issues. Seems unlikely though if people with AMD and Nvidia are experiencing similar things. It would probably be good if several people put these values in console then do vid_restart and see what happens. And just for reference, I get these issues on this machine (with JKA installed on the SSD for some dumb reason...): a8873b390674682.jpg

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Perhaps your specs don't run so well at those resolutions?


This sounds more like hardware or driver issues than anything.

No, it's not a hardware issue. I've used OpenJK's previous versions before and in fact, that's what I ended up going back to for now. I know my computer is getting older but, it has well handled full HD resolution with max settings for the two or more years I've been playing JKA online.


My Specs are:

  • AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 5200+
  • 4 gigs of RAM
  • Nivdia GT 640
  • Windows 7 (32 bit)

It's possible that it could be a driver issue since it's been a while since I checked for an update from Nividia. However, I don't think that will change it unless that new file is utilizing more from my PC now. Other than that, if you still think these are the issues then I must ask you guys something. What does the sdl2.dll file do?

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We made a fairly substantial change to some of the guts of the exe which let's us use the same code across all operating systems. As a result some of the window/graphics setup code has changed and it might not be handling everything in the same way. SDL2.dll is a file that's needed for this shared code.


I'm on holiday at the moment, but I'll take a look at what's causing the issue when I get back :)

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I'm on holiday at the moment, but I'll take a look at what's causing the issue when I get back :)

That's cool. It's not like I'm out JKA with this problem so, take your time. People that are having issues with the new file will just go back to the ones without it. I was just thinking that voicing my issue would be worth the someday final product of OpenJK. :)


Also @@Raz0r . since you're camped here like I am, I wanna tell you something. That guest that's snooping around your forums is me. I'm looking for your next release of JA++. Got anything big planned or are you happy with where the mod? I love your work so far. <3

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