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Me is a bit lazy to complete animation feature.. but I made depth of field scripting one.


Here is a result [VIDEO]: https://db.tt/iKm1cWJ7

Click Download to watch in HQ.


That's how the interface looks [IMAGE]: http://yourscr.com/3a1a50bd6da99b07b91d75e731e5ba0e.jpg

Focus point is where red lines cross the world, Focus value is shown on left.

Red lines width shows force of depth aka Radius of blurred images. Compare prev picture and this [IMAGE]: http://yourscr.com/301b8679eef4ae64e0df936d0300d8c7.jpg

Radius value is also shown in the demo HUD on left.


Any suggestions?

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I don't really know, sorry. I am a bit busy.

It's not just compile and upload. I have to push a lot of commits, write changelog, prepare some words for the release post, change readme and documentation, maybe something else. No time for that all.

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