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hello to all.

i am starting today the coding way for my mod.

I downloaded the last version of openjk code and follow all paths of @@eezstreet tutorial about coding, installing and setting cmake, building with visual studio 2010 etc.

visual studio build only the debug files. and only the dll. so i have only the openjk MP, and the SP dll. not generate the JASP and openjk_86.exe for SP. and my mod is for SP so i need that's files.

Here's the compilation building output.

Someone can help me to get the .dll and the .exe working for SP? if i not have with defautl code, i cannot edit, too. it's unuseful edit an unworking code. :\

Here there is my Dropbox .TXT file of building. i cannot put in the post for the longness.

I notice you that the first version of OPENJk 1 years ago, not got to me that's trouble. Maybe i neet to working with the oldest Open jk O.o



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