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What's wrong with tie_bomber.md3

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I've been trying to make several scripts and a map, when you can use a turret to destroy flying Tie Bombers in the skies (the models are misc_model_breakable and use ROFF animation to fly via scripts). The models work just fine, but the thing is that I wanted to make, so that you can destroy them via the so-called misc_panel_turret.


People, who played JO, can remember this option on Nar Shaddaa, while defending the Lady Luck from thugs, while JA fans came across this on Byss in space. There is also a similar case on Vjun map.


Now the thing is that the tie bombers (which work the way they do on Vjun map, where they prevent you from coming through the canyon) can't be destroyed with misc_panel_turret. But they are destroyed easily with emplaced_gun (this was made on Vjun by the way).


If I put Tie_fighter.md3 instead, misc_panel_turret destroys them without problems.


I made several tests, the turrets destroy other things (like breakable brushes or NPCs), so I think, that there is something about tie_bomber.md3, which prevents you from shooting them with misc_panel_turret. When putting a bomber in misc_model_breakable, a small blue flare is also visible. I tried this in different versions of GtkRadiant. All the same.


So what's the difference if any in the parameters of tie_Fighter.md3 and tie_bomber.md3?

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sp is hardcoded so that tie_bomber.md3 misc_model_breakables always have the 'only damaged by heavy weapons' flag which might be the problem?


once it's spawned you can probably use an icarus script setting SET_DMG_BY_HEAVY_WEAP_ONLY false to work around that

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That's a golden hint! Yes, I think I'll try that. Olgo also thought, that the problem was in the code itself.


Little later: Indeed, the script command solves the problem perfectly, though you can now destroy them with a rocket launcher as well. However for the sake of gameplay it's possible to block that for the right moment. ;)

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