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JK2/3 Widescreen Eyefinity Fix


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i know there is a possibility to fix the look of the game in widescreen. well, there are commands to adjust the resolution, but some things get fucked up in relation to the screen (like the HUDs), but that thing has a solution. Here I attached an example (look at the huds).

I find a fix did in a RtCW unofficial patch, i have the source if someone is interested. i dont want to port the fix for jk2/3 right now because im doing another projects. but is possible.
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Don't know but I recon it's easier to hard code two screen formats (4:3 & 16:9) then code for all available and upcoming formats such as 21:9 . . .

You don't.

The HUD (and all other objects onscreen) are rendered on a 640x480 screen, which is then up-scaled to the screen. If the screen is 1440x900 for instance, you just need to multiply the positions of stuff onscreen by a ratio. This conversely makes stuff onscreen smaller because obviously 640x480 is smaller than 1440x900.

The problem arises with menus, because..well...menus aren't able to apply said ratio because of the way the .menu format works.

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