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[Announcement] JK2:HD


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JK2:HD is a mod that I have been working on for a while now. It is designed to be a "Director's Cut" of sorts for the original game's singleplayer. You will need to own JK2 in order to play it. It runs off of and is based on OpenJK's JK2 SP support. Bug fixes on this project will be backported to OpenJK.


So what does this mod add? Well...

  • The Lost Level, known as cairn_stockpile. This mission's existence was only discovered a few year's ago, and a completed version will be available in this mod
  • Remastered Audiovisuals. I will make a serious attempt to get the game running on rend2, with all the benefits that it brings. The text crawl will have improved audio and video and a more movie-like appearance. Weapon models will be replaced with improved versions. Several enemy models will also be improved. I will be taking input from the community as well.
  • Custom Games. Created by people in the community, these provide a vast amount of ways to play the game and provide for infinite replayability. For instance, a "Hardcore" custom game might exist that makes the game much more punishing to play.
  • Rebalanced Gameplay. Some of the less useful abilities and weapons have been tweaked substantially to be more useful. Generally, weapons will feel more powerful.
  • Continuity corrections. Small issues in the continuity will be addressed. A full, detailed list of these will be coming soon.
  • Numerous bug fixes. Fixed crashes. Fixed some minor errors and issues. Very tiny corrections to mechanics which were bugged.
  • AI Improvements.
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eezstreet, I'm planning on redoing Luke's and Desann's sabers also. If you want I can make a custom one for Tavion, and maybe also 2 more variations for the Stinger, as a Lightsaber schould be unique to it's owner... I'd be happy to offer you my help and join forces, at least what's regardin creating things, any actually, but I'm not very good with scripting or coding. I play JKA:JKO mod and I'm very enthusiastic since I joined here to JKhub, you guys here are just wonderfull, you keep me going and doing mods from day to day, nearly. :P

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