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Recognizing Contributors To The Jedi Knight Series

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Aliases: Jeff

Area of skills: Modeling/Kitbashing

Brief list of accomplishments: Model Packs and more: https://jkhub.org/topic/5134-jeffs-never-ending-wips/?do=findComment&comment=75741

Examples of contributions: Creating a Dark Forces Jan model and finishing HapSlash's General Moch model, porting Phase II and III dark trooper models from seperate games for use with the df mod revival, and more

Comments: A great guy who showed the community how awesome modeling and kitbashing could be, Jeff was a kind man in our community. He has made a lot of models in his time here on jkhub, and they range from Darth Plagueis to Grand Moff Tarkin, from Juno Eclipse of TFU to Splinter of the Mind's Eye Luke, and from Sabine Wren of Rebels to Shae Vizsla of TOR. Simply one of the greatest kitbashers of all of JA.


May his accomplishments and contributions never be forgotten.

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On 5/12/2016 at 10:23 AM, Cerez said:

Aliases: Sith-J-Cull, SJC, @JCulley3D

Area of skills: Mapping

Brief list of accomplishments: From the prequel films to The Clone Wars, SJC has brought inspiring and authentic worlds to our game.

Examples of contributions: Palpatine's Office, The Senate Building, Mustafar (Anakin's End), The Invisible Hand, Utapau, Mygeeto, Kashyyyk, Coruscant Adventures


Needing no introduction, Sith-J-Cull is pretty much single-handedly responsible for bringing the world of The Clone Wars and the prequel films to Jedi Academy. From his legendary Mustafar maps, and the Chancellor's Office, to the engrossing, shady world of undercity Coruscant, SJC has amazed and inspired us all with his astoundingly detailed, authentic works, and given us cinematic places/worlds to enjoy in-game for a whole decade and more. With the high quality of his work, he has left a lasting legacy for us to follow and live up to.


Plus, he's a great guy, who's built an R2D2 in his home workshop! :D

Ah it's good to be back here again! Thanks for this btw ??

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