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Getting dragon to work with Jk2 Skelaton

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Hello all.

Long time modded here though by a different name these days.


I have a question that only the collective wisdom of the jkhub can answer.

(Yes I lurk)


I have been animating in dragon for some time in jk3. But I have been modding jk2 lately

And have run into compiling issues when I try to merge the animations with the jk2 base gla file.

There is an error regarding different skeletons not being able to merge or what not.


Any help would be great!


Thanks guys!

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Yeah the funny thing is I've actually tried that.

I even went through the cfg files and did some redirecting as to what parameters the program would use

The result was dragon would load but certain bones would stretch all over the screen..??


The thing is Apperently it canbe done. or at least there is a video claiming it can with results that suggest as much.

But I have had no success contacting the videos author.


But hay ether way I apreciate the help!

I love modding these games! And have some really big things in the works!



I,ll try your suggestion again and see what happens. Maybe I goofed last time.

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I actually wonder if there's a difference in the file format between the two games that causes this problem.


When using the JK2 skeleton & model in JA the mesh deforms, even though the model loads without giving any errors. Would be great if I can find a solution to that, since it's the only thing standing in my way in fixing the JK2 cutscenes.

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Good news!


I have manged to get the new glas to merge with the original JKO gla.

As you said making sure DRAGON used a model right from JKO and not using the JKO model DRAGON provides was the main thing.


They show up in modview with the proper bone tags and such so it seems THAT PART is possible.


The only issue I still have is it is VERY VERY diffucult to animate because the model deforms when you move the model around.

But this is progress.


I wonder if after KATANAMARU looks things over if maybe a tutorial should be made?

Anywho so far so good!

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