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Missing fonts in the Mainmenu of Jedi Outcast

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Hey folks!


OpenJK is a really fantastic project. First of all a big thanks for all your efforts!


I'm using the Steam version of Jedi Outcast and installed the newest buildbot-version correctly. However if I launch the game (single- or multiplayer) no text in the menu is being displayed. (JKA works fine)




Is this a known bug?




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Are you starting the game with no jka install alongside it and with

+set com_jk2 1
in the startup parameters.


There is no Multiplayer JK2 support.


Already have a dedicated JK2 server support on linux?


Im using "./openjkded.i386 +set fs_gamemode [gamemode] +set com_jk2 1 +exec server" but not work...

For other way, im trying to start a server on linux, with the original and JediDo's modified versions of jk2Ded but receive the "Segmentation Fault" error. Any help?

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