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Weather effects

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Allow me to fill in the gaps.



Already documented enough.



Coats outside in spacedust, which looks a bit like the stars whenever you're in a ship. "count" specifies how often they occur (?)



Coats outside in snow + wind effect. Has no known spawnflags or fields.



Coats outside in rain effect. "count" specifies how much rain (?)




"speed" specifies how fast the wind goes.

"mins"/"maxs" (or trigger brush maybe?) specifies the area where the wind is used




Unknown. Has a "sabersparks" key, but unknown what the use of it is. Curiously, it checks for classname _twice_ when doing this function in SP.




Creates the infamous haze on Bespin Undercity. The shader is missing in JKA, it has to be ported from JK2.

"wait" specifies how dense the haze is

"random" adds some randomness to the haze density

"radius" specifies how wide the haze area is.


This has a number of spawnflags to it which cut a hole in it that is precisely wide enough for the shaft in Bespin Undercity, which is hardcoded all to hell.




Creates a real beam, with optional impact fx and damage. VERY COOL AND WORKING. Was originally used for the Kejim Base mission (in fact, the crystal explosions are NOT scripted at all..the beam is actually literally causing the damage!)

"damage" specifies how much damage it does, obviously

"fxFile" specifies what effect to use for the beam effect. Defaults to env/targ_beam

"fxFile2" specifies what effect to use for the impact. Defaults to env/targ_beam_impact.

Angles specify where the beam points.

I don't know too much about the spawnflags. spawnflags 16 removes the impact effect however.




Unknown. Seems to cause a trail of effects, which has a targetname required on it (?)

There is also a pretty giggle-worthy moment where Raven incorrectly tries to spawn this using the classname "fx_exp_trail"


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