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Problems with swapping from single to dual sabers mid-game

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I've been playing through Jedi Academy with JA Enhanced enabled, and it has been pretty fun. However, either in the Vjun level or the level before it (the prison break, cuz I fiddled with my player character at some point), I swapped from single saber to dual sabers, with my roleplaying headcanon saying that Jaden decided to grab a second saber while resting at the academy to see what it was like. However, it got rid of the Taka attacks (I love the long blurs they make) so I tried to switch back and even to saber staff, and these issues occurred:

  1. It wouldn't make the switch persistent, though it would let me switch to fast attack style (when I unlocked heavy, it wouldn't)
  2. If I did manage to get it switched, Jaden's animations were broken. They would go into the T-pose, unable to move (though I could still jump), and if there was some animation blends, they would freeze until they blended back into the T-pose.
  3. This also broke swinging animations, and made Jaden swing incredibly fast (seemed to be effective at cutting down enemies, interestingly enough, just couldn't actually move without jumping)
  4. If I switched to saber staff, the animations for walking would default to the dual sabers one but only on the first frame. I could move, but the model wouldn't animate. When I stood still, Jaden's arm holding the saber staff would flicker between two positions very rapidly.

I tried various was to fix it, including jumping between savegames (with limited success), but I found that if I enabled cheats, typed in

saber single_1

into the console, which would force switch to a single saber, and then redid my customization options, it fixed the issue. So there's a workaround, but this seems like a pretty infuriating glitch. Is this a known issue?


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  • Lancelot changed the title to Problems with swapping from single to dual sabers mid-game

Some of this are known issues, though it is not unique to JAEnhanced, it is just more common because of the menu I built in to freely switch your sabers. However I've never noticed the t-pose issue or the fast swinging. I can try your various methods to see if it can all be reproduced.

Perhaps @redsaurus could find some solution in the code or menu to select the stances someone wants and fix the issue with going from staff to single. I believe changing those things in the menu are more limited with the existing code, causing some of these things.

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It was dual sabers, not staff, sorry. But idk, maybe that breaks it too? I didn't try.

I think the problem might have been I changed it on Dosuun (I think that's the prison break one), where you didn't have a lightsaber until the very end, if at all, and that might have made things a bit screwy. I don't know for sure though. Though I'm not sure how that glitch would have persisted between levels if it reloads your loadout every time...

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