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Progress Report: June 2022

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June was a month of quality control, and many fixes.



Since we had a good chunk of time this month while waiting for the Operation: Knightfall remake's bugs to be ironed out, I decided to go through past character suggestions and found a few that sparked some interest. You can look forward to seeing these characters in the next update.


- Darth Talon (Galaxy of Heroes) (Additional Variant)


- Obi-Wan Kenobi (Appearances from the TV show)


- Finn (Resistance Hero)


- Burg

- Q-90

- Xi'an

I constantly look through model suggestions so please feel free to suggest more characters. You never know, we might just add your suggestion!



This month saw to the completion of our menu overhauls, with the Lightsaber menu being the last one. Overall the issues I had with the menus, which consisted of a lack of freedom to browse without changing your stuff immediately, poor scrolling, and other bugs have been addressed. Here is a summary of the overhaul changes:

- You will no longer have to slightly move your mouse when using the scroll arrows, thus allowing you to scroll through as fast as you'd like.

- The last page you visited on any SWGL menu will be saved and will be pulled up on subsequent browsing.

- Selecting a character or lightsaber will no longer change either of your current selections unless you click on the Apply button.

- Selecting an NPC in the NPC menu will no longer assign it to your Quick Spawn key unless you spawn them from the menu first.

- Music tracks have been updated to remove duplicate tracks, or fix incorrect or missing tracks.

- Using the Angles menu will no longer leave NPCs frozen when editing the menu UNLESS you had NPC Freeze turned on before using the menu.



In keeping with the theme of overhauls this month, most maps featured in the mod have been given some quality of life enhancements that have unfortunately plagued the mod since the Knights of the Force days back in 2018.

Two of the four biggest issues with the maps have been addressed, which consist of vehicles and deathdrops. The third and fourth currently unfixed issues are waypoints and blaster npcs not firing on Movie Battles II maps, which will be an update in and of itself.

To begin, all maps featuring self-spawning vehicles will no longer crash the game if the vehicle is crashed into another surface, and will instead respawn as intended. Because of this, race maps such as Boonta Eve and Coruscant Speedway can be enjoyed and crashed on to your heart's content. Additionally, maps with infinitely spawning vehicles such as Battle over Coruscant, Theed Palace, and others, will no longer spawn infinitely and crash the game after a few minutes.

Secondly, all deathdrops on maps will no longer infinitely heal the player and npcs and will instead kill you or them as intended. We elected to make this change code-based; meaning that any maps with similar deathdrops that are not supported by Galactic Legacy will receive this fix as well.



Some additional improvements we've made to the mod are relatively minor. But I'll list them anyway:

- All KOTOR characters have been applied the KOTOR stances, with Darth Malak receiving his own as well.

- Director Krennic has been missing for a long time, and he will be re-added to the Empire characters

- Adjusted the team logic for the player NPC, making it reflect the player's current team (also fixes a weird bug where Jaden would ignite his saber during the first cutscene of t1_fatal.

- Renamed multiple imperial officer characters to include their military titles, making it easier to find them in the NPC menu.

- By popular demand, the base game Rodian will be returning.

- New music tracks in the main menu

- Using the playermodel command will adjust your health, shields, and force points to reflect your character's default starts.

- The datapad model no longer has a faulty texture in several cutscenes

- Missions featuring special mechanics (currently False Emperor and Operation: Knightfall) will display a pop-up explaining any game mechanics unique to those missions when selecting the mission for the first time.



The Inquisitors, first introduced in Star Wars: Rebels, began the new tradition of introducing unique and very unorthodox Lightsabers to Star Wars. Ever since Rebels saw its last Inquisitor, other Star Wars media such as Jedi: Fallen Order and the more recent Obi-Wan Kenobi series have continued to show off the Inquisitor saber's unique ability to spin. After much collaboration with one of our modelers, we have succeeded in making this a reality in Galactic Legacy.

The video you'll view is of a test model, and unfortunately we have not been able to progress with this since this video was uploaded. I will attempt to pursue other avenues, but fortunately we have broken new ground and made the Inquisitor lightsaber able to spin. I can't promise at this time if this feature will be in the next update, but this has proven that such a thing is possible.



And with that all said, thank you all for following the development of Star Wars: Galactic Legacy, and may the Force be with you.

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