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Consider making the area for "Latest Files" a bit bigger

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I was checking the latest thread on the incredible new Boba Fett model made by @Mandalorianand only now do I realize that he uploaded the file to JKHub days ago. I tend to check the site almost daily, but I almost always never notice the latest files because the space in the front page is too small, specially in relation to Popular Mods or Contest Winners. Would it be a bad idea if a similar space for "Recent Files" was incorporated to the front page. 

Thanks for reading.

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That’s a fair suggestion. I think my logic was that people interested in latest files would automatically go to the Files section to see them there, but obviously having them on the front page bigger would be beneficial since it’s the #1 reason people visit. 

I just changed it a bit to have them bigger and more prominent. More small front page changes will be coming later as well.

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