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How do I edit stance mods?

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Soo, sorry for the late reply. I've been super busy these past weeks.

Stance mods usually modify the _humanoid.gla. 

If you wanted to merge two stance or other animation Mods there are two ways to do so.

1. This is the method that always can be done, is easier on paper but can lead to a big mess really quickly. To merge animations from two gla files you will have to pick one of the two files as your "Host" file. Let's call this file "A". Then you will need to slice the animation frames you want from the other gla file "B" and store them in a new file named "C". This can be done with blender or the old Jedi Academy Animation Program "Dragon". You can get the range of frames you need to slice from the animations.cfg file associated with file "B". Once you have your frames extracted, you will need to use glamerge.exe (included with Dragon) to merge File "A" with File "C" and then edit the animations.cfg file to point the animation you want to replace towards the newly merged frames which will be attached at the end of the existing frames in file "A". This process is prone to errors and the files get messier and messier the more you merge to them. That concludes method 1.

2. This is my preferred method, but it requires you to have the animation sequence you want to add into your game to exist as a .xsi file. Which you can then add to the animation sourcefiles. This will also handle the creation of the animation.cfg file for you. And you can avoid waste by excluding the original animation frames when you replace them with your own, new, animations.

The Tutorial I wrote on working with my CAT Animation Rig for 3ds max goes into a bit more detail about this method. @WC3Tutorial also recorded a video tutorial for this.

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