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Scripted text not showing properly in Outcast

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Hi everyone!

Freshly new member here, sorry if I haven't posted this into the right thread.

I have a difficult question I couldn't find the answer to on my own. I like doing translations to my language and I had no problem writing in string files. Now I encountered some texts in a mod that show up by a script made in BehavEd using the 'print' command. I had no problem writing my translations in there, everything was fine. Then I opened up Jedi Outcast and when the text shows up, the accented characters are missing. For example if I write "hétvégi üdülőhely" in BehavEd, in-game it is shown as "h.tv.gi .d.l.hely". I checked if the text got messed up by saving it to .ibi but it stays correct. So the problem has to be with the game itself. I can't figure out what because it never had a problem displaying accented characters with using strings text. So the game has these characters in the fonts. Something else is wrong.

I know that English speakers might never encountered this issue because English doesn't really have accented characters, but I hope there is at least one person here who knows about this and has a solution. It really bugs me that I can't figure it out. 😄

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! 🙂

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15 minutes ago, KyleFan said:

For example if I write "hétvégi üdülőhely" in BehavEd, in-game it is shown as "h.tv.gi .d.l.hely".

My guess is that the English text is not compatible with accented characters. As far as I know, those aren't even included in the English files.

You could pick another foreign text file that uses those characters and replace the lines with the ones you've written. Then load that file in the game and see if those characters appear.

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