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Game crashes whenever I use Boba Fett (Mandalorian).

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I'm trying to play as Boba Fett (talking about ZelZel's masterpiece which can be found here).

Aaaand it works! He appears in the SP menu!


However, whenever I try to use pick him, the second he is about to get hit by a blaster bolt or about to hit someone, the game crashes.

I feel like I'm missing something. Is there a file I forgot to add in the .pk3? Can anyone take a look (the file I'm using can be found here) and let me know what I can do to fix this?


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16 hours ago, GamingPrince83 said:

Are you using vanilla JKA?


14 hours ago, mrwonko said:

You can use the ModView tool from the JKA SDK to find out if the model has LODs (Levels of Detail). Usually hit detection uses a version of the model with less detail (fewer triangles), maybe this model doesn't have that, which might lead to the crash.

So the mod is too detailed for the game? How do I get the LOD just right?

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11 hours ago, kibasennin said:

So the mod is too detailed for the game? How do I get the LOD just right?

It's not too detailed, but it might not have the additional lower detail versions of the models (the LODs). Like I said, you can use ModView to find out if that is really the problem. If it is, fixing it requires a modelling program like Blender and knowledge of how to use it to reduce the model detail, as well as an understanding of how to correctly set the LODs up for export to the game. Sadly there's not much documentation on the latter.

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