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Mark IV Droid Walker

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In the last several months aside from mapping, I also started working with models. You might have seen several of our creations by our team. Since January we added about 4 more new NPCs (actually models, which replaced JA skins), but there were a few things, that ought to be replaced.

Thus the idea of replacing the Mark 1 Droid walker from Jedi Outcast came to our mind. Meet Mark IV Droid Walker.


Mark 1 was one of the units developed by Galak Fyyar, which you encounter at one point in Jedi Outcast. They are somehow missing in Jedi Academy, but can be found in game archives. Originally I wanted to add a slightly changed Mark I model, but later I made a few sketches and a modified Droid Walker was created.

It's actually pretty logical to make a step forward from the Peacock Droid, that was used by the Imperial Remnant: Galak is dead, it's been several years since attack on Yavin IV. So the Imperial Remnant used the old blueprints and developed the next generation of these droids with the help of Dr.Lekett in his secret facility.

Why Mark IV?
Jedi Outcast introduced Mark 1 and Mark 2, but there was a non-canonical version of Mark 3, created by Chairwalker years ago. A nice model, which I also planned to use at one point. Sort of homage towards one of the people, who inspired me to work on DP.

You can see a full gallery here.

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