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Greetings and Request

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Hello padawans,
I'm new here, I'm a longtime player of Jedi Academy, although I already knew JKHub and visited it once in a while to look up, when I was quite younger and knew almost nothing of modding, and the mere sight of C++ made me faint. Thank you for the forum which gradually became the best known for Quake-Jedi games. Before long I reinstalled all the series after years and a mandatory format, and decided finally to tweak it. Meanwhile, the source code got released gleefully by developers and improved evermore, making it possible to customize what was once hardcoded into engine. By the way since it's impossible to post in the proper thread without at least 10 posts done, allow me to make request at once. Over time I learnt for sake of modding Python good enough and a little bit of Java, but I never tried C++, despite all occasions. So I began to search here and further for specific mods though I somehow expected to find more about certain features, but this may be due to the long time gone, deprecated stuff or older mods many of which probably went lost whatsoever. For example space combat had much potential in JA but never really caught on, with few efforts within modders and the last known template of Raven Software. But also ground vehicles gameplay.
So at last I joined in, because throughout all my sifting searches, I couldn't find anything, or very little, about something I wanted for long in Star Wars, that is: more realistic blasters. That's it, a blaster retouch that would possible only with the OJK, a general increase of all blasters' speed as they are, indeed, a LASER weapon. I understand the SW fiction, but really couldn't stand all those blaster shootings zigzagging between shots at small pacing, like on a mild run in a park, or amid tennis balls. Relatively the blasters are slow, in JA even more than Battlefront's, so I would need someone who compile a configuration add-on to overwrite the default blaster velocity. Doing some maths and considerations, these are the values I'd esteem realistic, but they can be increased:

define BRYAR_PISTOL_VEL            4000
define BLASTER_VELOCITY            5000
define BOWCASTER_VELOCITY     1600
define REPEATER_VELOCITY         4600

Please is there someone who could do? I've already contacted two modders of JA without answer so far. I wouldn't feel like trying C++ yet, it stills scares me and I don't have the time right now...do it for me and for the little nephews of my aunt who are geeks of JA, but dumb.



Done. I don't know how, I found that one of latest Dusty's tests built on OJK had two new commands to change that parameter...it's just a matter of knowing now what else did he change compared to the OJK mod I'm currently using(JA Enhanced). Better delete this soon, it was a bit glaring uninhibited...if someone could make a mod with increased blasters and bowcast shots velocity only, it'd be nice.

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The issue is you will need to tweak them yourselves to get them to your liking.  Which is why most people dont do requests because the best person to do it is the person who wants it.


I sent you a PM with a link with those values changed to your liking but it is pretty crappy.

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