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Shaders trouble

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Hello, once again i have a problem with a saber hilt model ='D


I wish to create a staff saber.

My model is basically done and i have a basic texture on it.
The problem i have with it is that no matter what i do the shaders dosent seems to work, they dont show ingame.

My pk3 is done based on my previous saber that is working properly.

The saber is made of 3 different parts ; emitter one, emitter two and the metal bar in the middle
what i wish to do it to have 2 different shaders, one affecting both of the emmiters and one affecting the hilt.

In blender for the Ghoul2 proprieties, i have the following :

Part 1 (Hilt)
Name : saber_w
Shader : models\weapons2\saber_kitty\kittyhilt

Part 2 (Emitter 1)
Name : saber_w_2
shader : models\weapons2\saber_kitty\kittyhiltshine

Part 3 (Emitter 2)
Name : saber_w_3
shader : models\weapons2\saber_kitty\kittyhiltshine

So i tried to apply a shader to saber_w (The metal bar between the emitters) to begin and see if it works :


        map models/weapons2/saber_kitty/kittyhilt
        blendFunc GL_ONE GL_ZERO
        rgbGen lightingDiffuse
        map models/weapons2/saber_kitty/kittyhilt_spec
        blendFunc GL_SRC_ALPHA GL_ONE
        alphaGen lightingSpecular
        map models/weapons2/saber_kitty/kittyhilt_g
        blendFunc GL_ONE GL_ONE
        map models/weapons2/saber_kitty/env
        blendFunc GL_DST_COLOR GL_SRC_COLOR
        tcGen environment

But it dosent show up.

Now im very confused by how the shaders are triggered since i opened another saber to see how it was structured in Blender and i saw that in the shader
section of the G2 proprieties, the path pointed to a .tga file, but yet no .tga file where to be found in the pk3.

Any idea what im doing wrong ?

Do i need a .skin file pointing to the shader for each part of the model ?
Do i need to point the .shader to the model part name instead of the texture ? (kittyhilt or saber_w)
Or do i need to change the Blender ghould2 proprietes to point in a different direction ?

i include my pk3 if you wish to take a look.



Thanks !

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Short answer: you need a diffuse.tga map, a spec.tga map a glow.tga map and env.tga map for your shader to work as intended. Each image needs should reside in the same folder as the hilt and be assigned properly in blender (at least in max that's how the .md3 format expects it).

In the md3 tool you can also load your hilt and assign textures with a .skin file and then export that to .glm.

On 3/6/2021 at 8:42 AM, Nai said:

Do i need a .skin file pointing to the shader for each part of the model ?
Only if blender fails to assign textures properly, you will then use a .skin file to assign textures to an md3 model that gets exported to .glm (that's the process i use with 3DsMax, could be different with blender)

Do i need to point the .shader to the model part name instead of the texture ? (kittyhilt or saber_w)
No, the shader only cares about image file names and paths



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Psykosith -> No idea what's the deal with theses tga files, i've never seen them in any pk3 i downloaded but by opening some custom saber's glm in blender they where still pointing to tga files (not included in the pk3).. so this is very confusing to me...


MrWonko, thanks a lot man you are a legend, that was exactly my problem, replaced \ by / and it instantly worked perfectly !

Thanks again !

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What's most likely happening is that the .skin file for that asset is pointing to a "made up" image file from the shader. Let's call that a material instead of a texture.


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