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How do I convert a .blend file into JKA format?

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I am trying to convert two Old Republic models made by user Darth Mongol The Unwise, consisting of an Imperial Soldier and Sith Eradicator. However, I have pretty much no knowledge on converting and porting models like these on Blender. A thorough walkthrough of the process would be appreciated. 

Edit: The person who released the models told me they were ill fit for conversion at the moment due to being posed, I'll let you know when he releases the better files for it. 

Edit 2: I have the improved files now, these are more fit for conversion as they now have bones: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1o-cYLeJfL6G3t3MCija2-M2xZ88iKtAA/view?usp=sharing

As well as a texture he made for a SWTOR Jedi Knight, although it is just a recolor of the Eradicator: OR_Jedi_test_2018.jpg?width=630&height=6

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21 hours ago, bigphil2695 said:



21 hours ago, bigphil2695 said:

First off you'll need this. 


I found this timelapse video of what you'll need to do.



I'm still a bit noobish, but I hope this helps



The main problem is that these models are not from SWTOR, they're models from Sketchfab. Plus the time lapse is far too quick for me to get any actual idea of how to do it effectively. 

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