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Any way to reduce the delay on force push/pull?

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Hope I'm posting this is the right section.

I've recently been fiddling with the .npc file settings to either give them certain weapons or make the use certain force powers.

I've even given my player more force points ("forcePowerMax", "forceRegenRate", "forceRegenAmount") so i can use force lightning for a prolonged amount of time, but for whatever reason I'm unable to locate what cfg entries are responsible for the delay between force push/pulls.

I can see the NPCs firing force push in quick successions in combat or if I mind control them, but I just can't seem to find an entry that would enable me to get to as close to them as possible in terms of spamming force push.

Oh, and another thing I noticed is that if I raise my force points to 300 for example then use force absorb and a NPC fires lightning at me, the force point counter will reset to 100 and I'm not too sure whether that can be fixed or not.

If anyone could please shed some light on my dilemma that would be wonderful.

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On 12/27/2020 at 5:38 AM, Inarius said:

if I raise my force points to 300

As far as I know, force points are capped at 255. Anything higher will reset the counter.

Also, I believe Circa is right, the delays on push and pull are hard coded.

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