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World Between Worlds (Version 11/11/2021)

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Hello there, it is me, Reepray, you can call me Reep for short 😃

The purpose of this post is to keep track of new releases and notify people who have downloaded my map, World Between Worlds.


UPDATE November 11, 2021: (latest)

  • Repainted the Malachor V portal symbols as they weren't being drawn properly by the game due to the changes made in the previous update.


UPDATE 11/08/2021:

  • Improved portal images by removing some weird artifacts that appeared because I messed up when trying to recolor them 😅 . Thanks to Spaghetti!


UPDATE 10/10/2021:

  • Added music: "Burying the Dead" by Kevin Kiner from Star Wars The Clone Wars season 7
  • An owl's hoot (Morai) sound effect can now be heard when strolling around the map

Visual overhaul:

  • Changed the color of portals and path lines from plain white to a more blueish/grayish white, which is a bit more accurate and more pleasing to the eyes 😃
  • Completely remade the skybox images, now 4k, more clean, bit less darker blackness of space, far less cluttered with stars, stars are smaller. Overall less obstructing to the eyes which makes the paths and portals pop out more. The edges of the skybox are harder to see, still a bit noticeable but far far less than before.
  • Added 4 generic portals and some path lines to the main 'plaza' of the map, which makes it easier to orientate when dueling.

COMMENTS about the UPDATE 10/10/2021:

The aim of this new update was to improve the visuals of the map, add music and an owl's hoot (Morai) sound effect that can be heard when strolling around the map.

I hope you like the new look! 😃 It should more closely resemble the show, plus be less obnoxious to the eyes due to the now blueish color of the portals and paths, and the improved skybox textures, which are less cluttered, and are of higher resolution.

There is a not so important mistake on the readme file, a broken sentence that was left unfinished, sad but not worth an update xD


UPDATE 11/25/2020:

  • Replaced system/clip with system/physics_clip on floor brushes, which allows for spring jumps, wallgrabs, and I guess other interactions.
    A must and much needed update for duelers like me. My bad xD I recently noticed the problem while testing.
  • Added, with some extra effort, to learn and as a thanks to everyone, a cameraportal for the Sith portal, the one Sidious uses,
    with his Sith Alchemy altar. Hope you like the idea.
  • Slightly adjusted positioning of all portals relative to paths.

COMMENTS about the UPDATE 11/25/2020

This new updated version is a MUST Download  for anyone who plans on using the map to duel and/or play FFA and TFFA. Apologies for the inconveniences.

For anyone that wants to access the Sith Alchemy altar room to, for example, place an NPC there for machinimas, or just for exploring or whatever, I found it inconvenient, gameplay wise, to add a teleporter to it. So you'll have to use noclip. Basically place yourself in front of the Sith portal, facing the center of it, move forward fast using noclip and you'll see the room.


I am a little bit worried about people who might not notice the map has been updated. Fortunately though the few things that needed fixing were not gamebreaking.

I may or may not keep updating this map. I am quite happy with the result with the exception of the skybox textures, as it really isn't a true skybox, like, the images don't form a true skybox, but creating one is just something out of my knowledge right now. I've searched the Internet for ways to modify 6 images to create an skybox, but nothing has been found yet. If I ever update the map again I'll post the CHANGELOG on this thread, and change the Topic name to update the date.


Finally, just wanted to thank everyone who has created and posted mapping tutorials here on JKHub, and thank JKHub staff for their fast response to approve the updates 😃

Edited by Reepray
New version approved, edited title and post.
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  • Reepray changed the title to World Between Worlds (Version 10/10/2021)

Hello there!

A new version of the map World Between Worlds (Version 10/10/2021) has been uploaded! And is now awaiting Staff approval.

Edited the original post of this thread to update the title, update the changelog and edit out some older stuff.


I myself didn't know this update was coming until last Friday when I suddenly got motivated to try and keep improving the map again xD

Thanks everyone! I hope you like it 😃

Image for a rough comparison. Better compared in-game as the loss of image quality of the screenshots plus the process of building the comparison image make the stars look very dim.




Edited by Reepray
Added an image comparing old and new versions
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  • Reepray changed the title to World Between Worlds (Version 11/11/2021)

Hello there!

A new version of the map World Between Worlds (November 11, 2021) has been uploaded!

This update fixes an issue with the portal images that appeared when I recolored them for the previous update (10/10/2021) 😅

The portals have been redone from the original images. Recolored, added changes and also repainted the Malachor V symbols which where not being drawn properly in-game.


Apologies 😅

Thanks everyone! 😃

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