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What happened to Lugormod?

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As i recall from years past (Might be a bit off):

Lugormod was/is a code mod that had a heavy focus on role play. It had a lot of general additions to the game like JA+ did, but it's main focus was on user accounts and role play elements within maps for servers to make use of. So if you were part of a clan, you could join the server and log in, and continue building stats or levels (Can't remember what they were called). There were also a lot of tweaks to the innards of the game as well as many bug fixes.

As for what happened to it, I don't know - years ago, I had the pleasure of speaking to the guy behind it on many occasions, and he actually gave me some help with my own projects, but we've been out of touch for quite some time. If lugormod is gone, then I'd have to guess it had the same fate as JA+ and many other mods, the website went down one day and never came back.

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the main thing for lugormod was to build, making quest with npcs, and based on classes. there was a few RP clans out there, but from my past and having a lugormod server we where more making it a quest based mode where u could get credits to upgrade, build a house for the credits and so on.

Robophed or what he was call was one of the last one who was coding on it, but he moved on for what ever reason he had, maybe he just lost the passion to go on with the project. the source code has been release by some other guy who got the code and was trying to work on with it. but i guess he lost interested as well.

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We still have an rare lugormod RP events (1-2 times per year) over at {JoF} if it's just about scratching that itch/experiencing the mod for the first time, you'd have to be a member though.

Our Lugormod is roleplay oriented with every player having an account which has a profession between jedi/merc and the goal is to earn credits to level up your character. Levling up allows you to upgrade your skills (guns/force/items) along with whatever else we mod into the map (such as renting or buying houses, stocks, high quality guns, companions such as npcs that follow you around and more).

It's a cool mod but sadly has its limits due to the engine and entity modding maps requires quite the effort and time on your hands.

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