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GTK radiant not showing brush selected in 3d view

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It still shows the selected brush in the 2d views, though as stated in the thread title,  GTK radiant is not showing my selected brush highlighted in red in 3d view as it has been since beginning mapping.

Did I accidentally hit a hotkey to turn off showing selected brush?    Is my gtkradiant bugged?

What did I do?

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1 hour ago, NAB622 said:

Press J a few times. ?

Looking at the gtkradiant shortcut manual,   I do not see "J" as a shortcut key -  and I did check it before initially posting this thread.

Is there a more comprehensive list of functions for the editor that are not shown in the manual?

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None that I know of. Just play around until you find them, sadly. In my fork, I am adding the functionality of J to the preferences menu, because it really needs to be somewhere.

I was not aware of that shortcuts list, so thanks for that. However, do not trust it - use it as guidance only. At a glance, many of the items on it are severely outdated as of Radiant 1.4, and that was about 15 years ago.

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