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why doesn't my autoexec.cfg work with OpenJK ?

I have an autoexec.cfg that enables helpusobi 1 and the iknowkungfu cheats, but when I run OpenJK, my autoexec.cfg does not activate in OpenJK

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am I supposed to put it in the OpenJK pk3 file ? the pk3 file is called openjk-x86.pk3

because I put my mod's pk3 file in the OpenJK folder and nothing happened my mod did not take effect

then I put the cfg file inside the OpenJK file and still nothing worked

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what do you mean all I have is commands in the autoexec ?

my autoexec_sp has these 3 things

helpusobi 1
seta g_debugmelee 1

the mod was supposed to enable helpusobi 1, iknowkungfu, and seta g_debugmelee 1

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