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how to add stances and animations to a model?

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hello good morning. in advance forgive my English I am Spanish. You see, I wonder if you can put an animation or lightsaber stance to a model and a different one to another model. more than anything to be able to play jedi academy putting a little more variety to the models when fighting each one has a different animation. This is for my personal use only. Thank you for your time.

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This only works for NPCs, or when you use the playermodel command in SP, I believe. You'd need a good Hex editor to do it without any modeling software, although I'm sure Blender makes it much easier than it used to be. The _humanoid skeleton is referenced in the model.glm file itself. I always use Toshi's Yoda as a reference for this, since it uses it's own. I can't really take the time to explain how to do it right now, so maybe someone else can. Essentially, you open the model.glm file with a hex editor, find the line that defines the _humanoid.gla and change it to the one that you want.


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