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Is there a command/mod that increases the frequency of saber blocking?

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I think its kinda weird that winning in saber combat is to strike on open spaces multiple times, instead of in the movies, where saber combat is all about blocking. One strike anywhere and you lose, in jedi academy you have to strike multiples times on open spots, as i explained before. Is there any mod/command that increases saber blocking more?

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The .sab files can increase blocking. There's a command to increase the defense level, and another one that lets the blade always do a defense check. I don't remember the first command, but the second is alwaysblock 1 iirc. This means you get a defense check even if you're swinging your saber. 

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Are you talking about SP or MP?

In SP there is: g_saberLockRandomNess to affect the rate at which saberlocks occur. I've set it to 1.5 - as for blocking I'm only aware of  g_saberRealisticContact but I'm not sure if that really affect blocking or something about the sabertraces...

For MP I was hoping there is a similar command that a dedicated server can be set to globally?

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