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I need someone to make menus for my mod !

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Hello there !


So, I completed 50/100 of my new Epic Challenge Mod...


BUT, i'm looking for someone who can help me creating some little menus. I need 2 ingames menus.

The first one should allow the player to continue the map or to go back to another place (so it will change the map). The second one will make him choose between finishing the game (so, playing the cutscene) or go to the Galactic Center to conquier the galaxy (so, again, a map change).


Can someone help me ? I know I would be able to learn it with a efforts, but... I did it with coding and I'm not so motivated about learning another thing... so, If someone who knows how to make it can help me, it would be very nice...


Thanks. ❤️

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you not need coding at all for that and basic learn for make menu UI are very easy.

the MENU files can be edited with notepad and are basically did from itemdef each one is a thing: a text, a button, etc etc. the code is pretty similar to HTML,

you can define if  an item  have a border or not,what size, and what border color is. you can define with the "rect" the position of the item into monitor. the first number is the X position, the second the Y poistion, third and fourth are the extensions on width and height of the area when mouse can interact with item starting by item origin coordinates (first 2 values )

the 3 brakes cases called onenter onesc and action means that:

onenter: what happen when mouse enter into the area of the item

onesc: what appen when mouse leave the area of item

action: what happen when you click on the button. 


- you can load a specific, custom menu at any tame of game inside a level or a map, without menu transition between maps, from SET_MENU command of Icarus

- you can run Icarus scripts with "action" option of the item.

if you want to change the map, the menu have as function map namemap on the action field of the button that acrivate the level change, OR run a script that use a target_lever_change.

not sure, but if want, maybe @Noodle

can teach you the basic things better of me. 

about do the menu: no one can know better of you what do you want, make menus are not so hard, is more easy that make an HTML page and work into a pretty similar way.

so if you are familiar with building 3d sites you should be okay.

the most tricky things is the correct place of the items into the right coordinates of screens, and that require a lot of try and error before you have the desired results.




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PS: if you add new custom menus remember ever to add the new menu to the ingame menu txt file  list, if you want that is recognized and run properly.

PS2: the engine NOT search the menus by the names of the menu files, but by the name of the menuname that you set when you make a new menu.


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