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Trouble with Two Sided Surfaces / Textures?

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Any one ever have trouble showing the inside of two sided surfaces like this? It happens on at least one or two other occasions for me. Can't figure out if it's a model problem or a setting problem.



(Used modview's options to illustrate problem, but the helmet on the left is what appears in game)
Vade Parvis's Imperial Army Trooper Pack shown as an example.

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It could be a lot of things, but it looks like a normals problem, at least in the screenshot you posted. Basically the inside of the helmet isn't invisible, but flipped - thus you can only see it from inside the small sides of the helmet. You could easily "fix" that by modifying the shader and adding the line cull twosided, which will basically render both surfaces of the polygons the texture is applied on, but a better solution would be to fix the normals in Blender or 3DS Max and re-export the model - if that's actually the culprit.

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