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511's WIP Thread

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10 hours ago, Darth Futuza said:

Do we have a good Star Destroyer map, those things are supposed to be thousands of crew and massive city sized ships inside, right?

well that star destroyer map in jedi outcast looked bad but I am aslo building a Star Destroyer map which is going to be really good and im also doing the Mount Tantiss Throne Room which will be a hybrid between what it looked like in the sourcebook for the Thrawn Trilogy books and what it looked like in the comics. 

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16 hours ago, Delta-573 said:

From the Thrawn Trilogy: Thrawns Command room aboars his personal Star destroyer 


From Revenge of the Sith: That scene from the Opera, where Palps talks about Darth Plagueis. 


That would be sweet. 

its the room with the movable chair right



this one right?

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