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Kliff Edge's Leela Mod For JKA

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Can anybody please make both versions of Kliff Edge's Leela mod for JKA for both SP as a custom Jaden and for MP as well I would really like to use her in SP mostly and could you also have a Hoth outfit for the Hoth mission please? I'd greatly appreciate


The mods are called Leela Jedi and Leela Civ be sure to check them out they both are for JK Outcast but I'd really want somebody to make her playable in both SP and MP as a custom Jaden if anyone is willing to do this for me please respond to my post and I'd greatly appreciate it. Oh and be sure to have all customization looks for her so I can make her anyway I'd want.

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Okay, I finished Leela Jedi. I have to say, this model is kind of terrible by today's standards. It's weighted terribly. I made icons for the parts in the menu and fixed the JK2-isms so it works with JKA as best as it can.




I'm not sure I want to do the Civilian one, simply because it has a lot more parts to deal with and it'd take a lot more time.


Kind of unrelated, but I highly recommend using Scerendo's female customization instead of this. He used parts of the Leela model but made them a lot better.


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