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The First Sith - Aurius' New Workshop

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A long time ago, on a web of nets far far away,


One website would mix classic text-based role playing combat with Star Wars and find out it's actually pretty good. And so, the Star Wars RP was born. It is a conglamorate of many talented users, who have created a completely new era to explore. It is my intent to bring a little bit of that Era here, and make it playable if I can.


Return to the fantasy future past you know and love, as you journey back to an era long before the movies took place. Where everything is actually pretty much the same as the movies - except the stormtroopers - as you discover your latent Jedi powers and take the fight to the Darkness by vanquishing the Exiles and shutting down their planet sized doomsday device. A plot that you should be pretty damn familiar with by now. Gather your party before venturing forth as you join up with grizzled mercenaries, han solo types, token aliens, nice droids and droids that would like nothing better than to murder you - all of them roleplayed by real people!


And, all of whom you'll leave in your thread requests forever while you run around with a full party of force-wielders. Choose your faction, archetypes and distribute your stats, perks and skill points as you take the fight to your enemies and build your own story. Experience the website that inspired five years of clunky ambitious timelines and dip your toes into the massive ocean that is the Star Wars fanon universe because other than JKhub this is as deep in as you can get without spontaneously growing a neckbeard. STAR WARS: NERDS OF THE OLD INTERNET!


Wait. That's not right...





Main Factions


The Jedi Order


An ancient, monastic, peace-seeking organization founded long ago on the watery world of Ahch-To, the Jedi Order once flourished in the galaxy as a group of scholars and warriors intent on learning all there was to know about the mysterious cosmic energies of the Force. Jedi Knights are known to observe a strict code of ethics that forbids the formation of material attachments and individual bonds (ie. romantic relationships or marriage). Violating these doctrines can be grounds for being exiled from the Order. A century ago, a schism of doctrine split the Jedi between the servants of light and darkness, beginning a long and bloody conflict, known as the Hundred-Year Darkness, which decimated both sides.


Now, the Jedi teeter on the brink of extinction. Across the galaxy, their former temples and safe-havens have been mostly abandoned as the majority Order's survivors retreated back to the holy moon of Jedha to seek the Force's guidance. However, some Jedi, such as the mysterious Jedi Shadows, refuse to give up the fight against their former brethren and continue to wage a deadly shadow war with the intent of eradicating the dark side once and for all.



The Exiles


Once, they were Knights of the Jedi Order, but experimentation with the dark side of the Force separated them from their brothers and began a century-long conflict that decimated both sides. The exiles lack the cohesion of the Jedi Order, serving under various lords and warlords in their search for ultimate power and galactic domination. After one hundred years of fighting, their numbers too have been diminished, but their hatred for the Jedi remains powerful.


Like the Jedi, they too have retreated into the shadowy regions of the galaxy's Outer Rim, searching for worlds to conquer and places strong in the dark side from which to rebuild their numbers. However, some, like the dark assassins among them, continue to strike from the darkness at the surviving Jedi in the hopes of obliterating their brethren and establishing themselves as the dominant force in the galaxy.


The Hutt Cartel


For centuries, the Hutts have been forced to keep their illicit activities out of the sight of the Jedi Order. However, with the recent civil war within the Jedi Order, their cartel has emerged as a major power in the galaxy—holding an influence over vast swaths of the Outer Rim and the galaxy's overall criminal underground. Capitalizing on public distrust of Force-users as a result of devastation from the war, the Hutts have placed bounties on Jedi and exiles alike to rid themselves of the threat of the Jedi, thus allowing their criminal empire to expand.


The Hutt Cartel is ruled primarily by the Hutt crime lords for which it is named; however, criminals of all sort thrive within regions of space dominated by these gangsters. They continue to make use of the lack of Jedi policing in the galaxy to spread their criminal enterprise and maximize their profits.




NPC Factions


The Kingdom of Alderaan


A flourishing utopia of culture and knowledge, Alderaan has long been the jewel of the Republic. With the war passing the planet by, Alderaan has maintained its position of wealth and influence within the Republic, unspoiled by the conflict of the Hundred Year Darkness. As the Republic rebuilds, the Kingdom of Alderaan finds itself in a prime position to expand its already large influence on the trade alliance.


An opulent jewel that appears perfect to the casual observer, one need only take a deeper look to spot the flaws at its center. A young Queen with many political rivals feeling spurned by her ascendancy to the throne, there are rumors of plots against her personage. A slowly growing drug trade that begins to consume the lower class, has led to harsher laws and increased penalties, driving dissatisfaction with the government among the underprivileged of a highly privileged society.



The Kingdom of Onderon


The Kingdom of Onderon is sometimes considered culturally primitive compared to some of the greater civilizations in the core of the Republic, still retaining a hereditary monarchy that most civilizations look down upon. However, it cannot be denied that they exist as one of the more prominent Human civilizations on the edge of the Republic. With a history of the recent civil war which kept them distant from the war of the Hundred Year Darkness, focused on internal struggles, Onderon is one of the most militantly prepared Kingdoms in the wider Republic. With the galaxy rebuilding after nearly a century of war, nearby systems eye the planet cautiously.


Considered to be ill-defined by some of the more "civilized" systems, Onderon retains the death penalty, a practice considered barbaric by more progressive systems. It holds strict punishments for crime, keeping it free of the worst of the insidious corruption that has slowly been spreading along the Republic border. Harboring a deep-seated distrust for force users that dates back centuries, the war of the Hundred Year Darkness has only confirmed this belief that those using the force cannot be trusted. For this reason, Force traditions are outlawed on the planet and those who use the force regarded with great suspicion.



The Republic of Serenno


The Aristocratic Republic existing well outside of Republic space, Serenno managed to remain neutral in the war for most of its duration. Ruled by six Great Houses, Serenno was once a hotbed of political intrigue, competitive trade, and military might. The dominant civilization of the Sector, many systems pledged allegiance to the planet and its ruler, The Grand Count of Serenno.


When the war made its way into the Outer Rim, Serenno sought an alliance with the Jedi. Things did not go as planned however and a brutal three-way war broke out between Serenno, the Jedi, and the Exiles, devastating the Sector. Weakened by the war, and mistrustful of the Jedi, Serenno seeks to rebuild to its former glory. However, many of the systems that formerly looked up to the nation now seek to undermine its return to power.



The Republic


The Republic stands as the largest governmental entity spanning the galaxy. Little more than a weaving of trade deals and alliances, it has stood for over four millennia. Starting off as a union between systems in the Core, its influence spread as hyper-routes began to replace the antiquating hypergates, more and more breaking down over the centuries. The Republic reached a recognizable state as it spread into nearby regions, encompassing the Inner Rim and bleeding into the Expansion Region.


However, the near-century-long war-scarred much of the Republic South. Shipyards and manufacturing capabilities had been damaged over the years, allowing several Core corporations poaching manufacturing niches, such as Kuat courting formerly Fondor clientele. With the Republic picking up the pieces of the war, resources trickling in to aid the war-torn planets began to dwindle. As poverty grew, so did the Hutts’ ability to entice planets…



That's what I have for now. THIS IS NOT ADVERTISEMENTS FOR ANOTHER SITE, but in order for people to understand the models I'll be screenshotting and posting below, you need to understand the story of the First Sith, and who these characters are respectively. We are rapidly approaching the KOTOR era on the site, with the Revanchists just having been formed and the First Dark Lady of the Sith, Andraste, continuing to wage a violent war against the Order. The Republic has placed several sanctions against the Jedi on their worlds, as per Andraste's design, and have completely abandoned the Order to its fate. This has turned into one of the coolest timelines I've ever been a part of, and I really think bringing some of that story here would be amazing.


I have a LOT of models I have textured and kitbashed over the last year, it'll take me a while to compile them all. Also, unless I state absolutely that I made a model by scratch, please assume it has been retextured or kitbashed from an original source. I am not a modeler, and I don't presume to take the title or credits for the models I didn't make. If you see a model or texture that you made, that I may have somehow overlooked or forgot to reskin, please have the courtesy to message me privately and I will make it right or request for the permissions then and there. If you leave a huge, angry rant here, or decide to come at me with accusing tones and verbal disrespect, I'm deleting the model and that will be the end of it. Nobody will see it's release. I trust the vast majority of this site, some have yet to learn the meaning of patience. The excerpts above about the Factions was written by the SWRP Staff, not myself, though the information is free to share.


Stay tuned, there is a lot more to come.

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