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ForceMod II - The Mercs Strike Back (JK2)

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Author: Azymn






- Level 4 Force powers available, along with 5 new force ranks

- New Jedi VS Merc mode: Choose to play as True Jedi, Shadow Jedi, Dark Sith, Noble Sith, Scout, Bounty Hunter, Heavy Soldier, HotShot, or Trooper

- Enhanced lightsaber combat with dualblades and twin sabers and customizable blade types

- New Merc gadgets including jetpack, cloaking, dual pistols, and flame gauntlet, among others

- Includes Tchouky Model Scaling and customizable config files for bot classes

- Admin commands provided courtesy of cHoSeN-oNe and Mars

- See http://forcemod.aotctc.com for more details.





New Class System:



"True Jedi" - All Level 4 Lightside Powers Available

"Shadow Jedi" - Max Level 3 Lightside Powers

- Max Level 2 DarkSide Powers



"Dark Sith" - All Level 4 Darkside Powers Available

"Noble Sith" - Max Level 3 Darkside Powers

- Max Level 2 Lightside Powers





- Pistol

- Disruptor

- Thermal Detonators


- Cloaking Module

- Optic Radar

- Bacta Tank

- Shield Regenerator


- Regenerate Powercell Ammo

- Max Soft Shields: 120

- Runs 10% faster

- Move w/ sniper rifle

- Resistance to other sniper fire

- Chance to hit Jedi with ForceSeeing on


"Bounty Hunter"


- Dual Pistols

- Flamethrower


- Jetpack

- Shield Regenerator


- Regenerate Blaster/Pistol Ammo

- Max Soft Shields: 150

- Runs 15% slower


"Heavy Soldier"


- Pistol

- Rocket Launcher

- Heavy Repeater


- Jetpack

- Optic Radar

- Shield Regenerator


- Regenerate Metallic Bolt Ammo

- Max Soft Shields: 180

- Multiple Sentry capable


"Hot Shot"


- Pistol

- Blaster


- Shield Regenerator


- Regenerate Blaster Ammo

- Max Soft Shields: 120

- Runs 10% faster

- Chance to avoid damage on any non-saber attack

- Chance to do critical strike (double damage) with energy weapons




- Pistol

- Blasters


- Shield Regenerator


- Unlimited Ammo for Energy Weapons

- Max Soft Shields: 140




- Jedi/Sith can wield dualbladed sabers without cheats

- Jedi/Sith can wield two lightsabers simultaneously

- Unique lightsaber hilt models can be selected through menus

- Singleblade users can choose to use two additional one-handed stances (Green and Purple)

- Can lock lightsaber types throughout match (i.e. If dualblade chosen, must use dualblade til respawn)

- Backstabs and BackSlashes can be performed on cue: crouch + back + attack

- Dualblade lightsabers can be split in half or destroyed

- Dual lightsaber carrier's 2nd saber may be destroyed

- Capable of destroying handheld weapons

- Can specialize in certain type of lightsaber (Pure Lightsaber User)

- Pure Lightsaber Users (No guns) can now:

- Block all incoming projectiles if attacker is in crosshairs

- Block Lightning and Drain attacks if attacker is in crosshairs

- Does 50% more damage with lightsaber

- 25% reduction from explosive splash damage

- Runs 10% faster with saber holstered

- Jedi will now try to block sniper shots with their saber before trying to dodge

- Multiple lightsaber blade types available

- Saber styles now selectable based on saber attack level.

- Eliminated blocking from behind





Cloaking: - Allows Merc to become invisible for a short period of time

- Cannot be seen with Force Seeing

- Missiles lose lock on cloaked mercs

- Invisible to sentry guns

- Can attack while cloaked


Optic Radar: - Goggles send and receive radar waves

- Can see moving entities, even through walls

- Can see mindtricking Jedi in motion


Flame Gauntlet: - Flamethrower mounted on the Merc's left forearm

- Does constant damage to all engulfed targets

- Intense heat bypasses shields and damages tissue directly


Shield Charging:- Regenerate shields by drawing power from the battery fuel cells


AmmoCell Regen: - Replenishes weapon ammunition via the battery fuel cells


Jetpack: - Must hold jump while airborne to activate jetpack thrust

- Jetpack can be destroyed

- Jetpack sound may be turned off clientside

- Single, Dual, and Triple Exhaust types available

- Powered by battery fuel cells

- Restrictions on use (Fetts, Mercs, Non-Saber wielders, Everyone...)

- Toggle fuel usage

- Toggle whether flag carrier can use jetpack


Mobile Battery: - Serves as a power source for:

- Cloaking Module

- Optic Radar Goggles

- Flame Gauntlet

- Ammo Recharger

- Shield Regenerator

- Jetpack

- Charges over time

- Resistant to Drain attacks



- Utilizes Tercero's grapple model

- Now bindable to a button

- More realistic physics

- Retract grapple by holding jump, lengthen grapple by pressing duck

- Grapple line FX improved



- Disruptor fire can dismember target

- Tazer now deactivates ForcePowers, reduces shields by %50

- Rolling and Wall-Flipping extended to gun wielders

- Falling damage increased for Mercs

- Merc Blaster Ammo maximum increased to 500

- Rockets do not lose lock from a Push or Pull

- Respawned weapons may be picked up as ammo


Force Powers:


- Players can combine Light and Dark Force powers.

- Five new force ranks:

Sith Apprentice: 150 Force Points

Sith Lord: 200 Force Points

Jedi Lord: 250 Force Points

Ancient Master: 350 Force Points

One with the Force: 500 Force Points


Heal: - Heals over time now, instead of instantly.

Level 1:- Heals 10 points of damage.

Level 2:- Heals 20 points of damage.

Level 3:- Heals 35 points of damage.

Level 4:- Heals 45 points of damage.

- Regenerates 1 hitpoint every 2 seconds.


Jump: Level 3:- Jump 8x normal height.

- Reduced force cost

- Falling damage reduced to 1/2.

Level 4:- Jump 16x normal height.

- Reduced force cost

- Falling damage reduced to 1/4.


Speed: - Short, powerful burst of speed for 2 seconds

- ForceSpeed costs reduced from 50 to 30

Level 1:- Sprint at 1.5x normal speed

Level 2:- Sprint at 2.5x normal speed

Level 3:- Sprint at 5x normal speed

Level 4:- Sprint at 10x normal speed

- Normal running speed is increased 10%.



Level 4:- Increased push strength over level 3.

- Knockdown range increased by 50%.

- Greater push resistance.

- Chance to break saberlock increased.


Level 4:- Increased pull strength over level 3.

- Pulldown range increased by 50%.

- Greater pull resistance.


MindTrick: - Now Force Seeing will only reveal invisible jedi of equal or lesser rank.

(i.e. If a Jedi has cast level 2 mindtrick, it requires at least level 2 Force Seeing to reveal him) [Artifex]

Level 3:- Can attack while cloaked - each attack costs force points.

Level 4:- Can attack while cloaked - attacking cost reduced

- Duration increased to 40 seconds.


Grip: - Can turn off red grip hand extension

Level 4:- Can move around at 80% normal speed while gripping. (Normally %40)

- Grip range increased to 2x normal.

- Damage per second doubled.



Level 4:- Lightning mastery - other lightning attacks are absorbed by force power.

- Range increased by 10%.

- Fresh corpses now shockable on Level 4.


Dark Rage: - Run speed is 150% of normal speed.

- Increased lightsaber damage done by 25%.

Level 4:- Increased lightsaber damage done by 50%.

- Run speed further increased to 200% normal speed.

- Duration of 40 seconds.


Protect:Level 4:- Consumes force only when hit.

- Regenerates shields at a rate of 1 point every 4 seconds.


Absorb: - Force maintenance costs are like v1.02 levels [Artifex]

Level 4:- Absorbs 25% more force than level 3.

- Absorbs and converts 25% of weapon damage into force.



Level 4:- Heal 1, 2, or 3 teammates for 65, 45, or 33 hitpoints.

- Regenerate 1 health every 3 seconds.



Level 4:- Restore 1, 2, or 3 teammates with 65, 45, or 33 force points.

- Regenerate 3 additional force points per second.


Drain: - Drainer takes damage from a missed attack

Level 4:- Drains ~20% more than level 3 drain.

- Drains ammo from any energy weapons in use.



Level 4:- Cost 50% less to activate.

- Duration increased 40 seconds.

- Automatically dodge sniper shots without ForceSeeing on

(even while jumping or using force powers)



Level 4:- Damage increased by 15% for all stances

- All stances available for dualblade or dualsaber users if f_skillMode is on



Level 4:- Blocking ratios increased by 50% for all stances.

- Increased chance of blocking lightning/drain attacks if pure saber user

- Quicker projectile blocking rate.



Level 4:- Saber throw distance increased 25%.

- Saber throw speed nearly doubled.

- Saber can spend more time airborne.

- Saber will never fall to the ground when blocked.



Other Features:



Tchouky Model Scaling:

- Scale speed of models based on size (bigger == faster OR vice versa)

- Scale damage reduction based on size:


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